Giropay Casino: A Beginner’s Guide to Giropay as an Online Casino Payment Method

Founded in 2006, Giropay is the outcome of cooperation between more than thousands of banks in Germany, comprising more than 75 percent of the market. It can indeed be defined as a real-time online banking system and is somewhat comparable to the one of the well-known payment processes called iDEAL, which has made it popular mostly in the Netherlands.

The real advantage of this system is its functionality. It can be incorporated into online casinos or the websites of other merchants.  A reason why it seems that it has so suddenly become so popular. The only potential drawback of Giropay is that it is important to link your bank account to Giropay. In Germany, however this is not a concern anyway where almost all banks accept Giropay as part of their package. Since Giropay uses the transaction processor of banks, clients do not have to register, making it all much better for everyone. In addition, in 2008, Giropay was one of the best payment methods in the Netherlands for online services. A secure 128 bit SSL connection can now be used by consumers.

Giropay is as convenient for customers as conducting money transactions using online services from their bank. If it uses a two-factor authentication, Lock, or TAN system, the security of your money transactions with Giropay depends on the bank you use and their security protocol.

For starters, when a player uses Giropay for depositing or withdrawing cash to or from their online casino account, you don’t have to worry about your bank details because the casino holders can’t see the details of your credit card number or the Giropay account number. You may not, however, have the option to request refunds while processing funds via Giropay, which is another disadvantage. Read more to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this payment method.

About Giropay and How it Really Works?

Giropay is allowing both Austrian and German players to make quick, secure, and easy deposits into their accounts at online casinos, based on the concept of online banking. The only basic requirement is having a bank account at any of the thousands of banks from Austria or Germany that are associated with Giropay.

Among the main benefits of using Giropay as their form of deposit is that one is not expected to register for an account on the website of the payment platform to process an online payment. Users must have an account from online banking with a bank connected with the payment solution to use the Giropay service for purchasing online at their favorite online casinos.

You just need to select your bank once you’ve already had an account, and Giropay will redirect you to their online banking page. Then, your account number or PIN demands you to enter your online banking information.

For transactions above the amount of EUR 30, the Account Authentication Number or TAN must be filled in to validate the transfer of funds and check the identity of the individual conducting the transaction. Then the bank will approve the payment and the funds will be transferred in real time to the online casino. Since Giropay is designed for use by the players, the only currency supported by it is EUR.

You Can Use Giropay in the Online Services

Giropay is Germany’s most popular online payment system. Consequently, there are a lot of websites that are very easy to use digitally. In order to draw as many customers as possible, merchants from various branches should offer Giropay as one of their payment methods.

When using Giropay, what you need to do is use this payment option when you are able to pay for the products and services you are purchasing and following the directions until you are led to the official page of Giropay.

You Can Use Giropay in Online Casino

You can use Giropay very easily in all online casinos in these countries whether you reside in Germany, the Netherlands, or Austria. The process is exactly the same as that of some other merchant. You must get your Giropay account linked to your bank account and then choose it on the casino’s payment screen from the drop bar. So, it is nice to know that Giropay is one of the safer payment methods that you can use online.

You Can Fund Your Player Account by Using Giropay

Registering and checking your bank account with the online casinos are the first step you have to do when using Giropay. You should go to the ‘deposit’ section of the site and you should see the Giropay logo there immediately, or you would need to pick it from a range of choices. You have to go to the online page of your bank to check your information when you choose the amount. When funding your account, there should not be any costs associated with Giropay.

You Can Cash Out Using Giropay Account

Sad to say, it is not necessary to withdraw funds from your casino account to your Giropay. However, your bank account is directly connected to Giropay, you can conveniently withdraw funds to your bank account. Therefore, in this situation, the method of withdrawing the funds from your online casino account is exactly the same when you are depositing. Only thing is that you first need to input your bank account information and follow directions from there.

Why Giropay is Considered as the Best Online Casino Payment Method?

On the territories of Germany and Austria, Giropay also identified significant use in the online casino industry as being one of the easiest and reliable methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

In order to strengthen its exposure to other countries, efforts are being made to increase more traffic further. Nonetheless, along with the new customer base, an enormous group of players who have bank accounts from any of the 1,500 banking institutions are eligible for the service.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings at Casino using with Giropay

  • Deposit at Online Casinos using Giropay

It is very simple and easy to process a deposit through Giropay to your online casino account. You just need to sign into your online casino account with your log-in credentials to boost your gaming balance.

You must then enter the amount you want to deposit and choose Giropay as your preferred method of deposit. You will indeed be diverted to your banking institution’s website. You will be asked to include your TAN code to validate the transaction if you wish to make a deposit over 30 EUR.

As all transfers are taken out directly from the bank account, the money is automatically transferred, enabling players to immediately start wagering with real money. Up to EUR 5000 transactions are assured, which is excellent news for high-rollers.

  • You Can Withdraw Your Winnings using Giropay

Things may look more difficult when it comes to conducting withdrawals since Giropay does not have a withdrawal service option. Initiating a withdrawal through a bank transfer is the most convenient choice. This ensures that when demanding a withdrawal of their winnings, players who have chosen to deposit with Giropay, must have to input their banking details.

Fees at Giropay

Online gaming companies do not impose commissions on deposits made by Giropay. Players should however, bear in mind that their financial institutions may charge them a fee for transactions facilitated through this payment service. The fees can vary from the banking institution to another institution, so gamers have to consult with their bank and ask their representatives for more information about transaction fees. Generally speaking, depending on the amount deposited by players, as costs will vary ranging from 0.9 percent and 1.2 percent of the amount transferred, in response to a flat charge of EUR 0.08 every transaction.

Giropay: Is it Secure and Safe to Use?

Players who are based in these countries where Giropay is accessible, most of them are choosing it as their best payment method because it is known as very secure. First of all, if you are one of the avid fans of gambing at casinos, you know that using Giropay is safe and are not required to put their banking and personal details to the owner or, in this particular instance, to the online casino at which they play and when they transfer funds with Giropay.

Only them have access to their information, like their TAN and PIN codes, since Giropay is based on the strong principle in online banking. They protect its clients as well as their transactions from scammers, because Giropay uses the latest SSL encryption. 

Pros and Cons of Using Giropay at Online Casinos

Referring to an online casino account, Giropay has some very favorable features. First, it is a truly secure and safe method of payment, more so than when you just use your bank account. In addition, it enables you to immediately process transactions, without waiting for more hours or several days to deposit cash.

You really don’t need to create a Giropay account since it is very easy to use. Everything that you need is your bank account. In addition, your sensitive data is protected by Giropay, which is very important to several online players. If you are using Giropay as your choice of payment method, the casino fees will not appear on the balance of your bank account, and there is no indication that you are using online casino services or even other merchants.

Eventually, using Giropay to transfer funds means that you are obliged to pay fees each time you make transactions. Even if no fees are needed to be paid at the casino, Giropay still does. These costs are not very heavy, though, so you can still choose Giropay as your best choice for payment.

  • Pros

Giropay is approved as a payment method at any other online casinos that happily welcome players from these countries namely Austria and Germany.  The fact that transfers are being processed in real time and that is one of the greatest bonuses that Giropay has to bring, so that the funds are credited to the casino accounts of players in a couple of seconds.

Along with using the application, players do not have to register for a Giropay account. Having a bank account online for their banking institution is the only requirement. Since players only share their financial details with their banks, they are able to preserve confidentiality and feel confident in the fact that their sensitive data is not revealed to third parties.

  • Cons

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration by players who are considering Giropay as their favorite payment option at online casinos. Perhaps the most vital part is that only players who have a savings or a bank account at any of the banks partnered with Giropay have access to this online payment solution. Giropay, in other words, can primarily be used for players who are living permanently in Austria and Germany.

Another downside to using Giropay comes from the fact that only one currency is supported by the payment solution, that is EUR. Moreover, only transactions can be taken out through this payment process, meaning players would have to look for another way to cash out their prize money. Deposits cannot be revoked until converted.

Why is Giropay the best among the Other Casino Payment Methods?

You have two things to consider if you are an enthusiastic gambler who is trying to make the transition from betting at a land-based casino to online casinos, looking for the best online casino to enjoy playing and payment options for online casinos to transfer your cash.

For all different types of casino players, being able to deposit easily and securely at an online casino is among the most important features. The casinos offer a variety of different payment options, some only deposit while others allow you to withdraw your winnings straight to your transaction method. A lot of options available can also be more confusing, it is important to review first what are the best casino payment methods to help you choose the right method for you and, of course, you must search for the best online casinos for you which accept Giropay as your deposit method.

There are many other methods of depositing, all of them are securing in their own way, some not quite as fast and cheap.  Some of them are using PayPal, others are using their credit cards.  In Giropay, transactions are easy for any casino gambling player, even though there are various available options out there. When you make withdrawals with Giropay, some casinos are faster than others, so it may be better for the fastest withdrawal casinos to get your big win faster.

Based on the country you live, the amount of deposit options available for you will vary. Even now, through PayPal and UK Casino deposit methods are used by many, while US casino deposit methods are much lesser, but there are also many online casinos that support credit cards and payment options that are now also available.

Online Casino: Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Payment Solution

There are vivid emotions, excitement, and a lot of amazing opportunities to change your life forever in the world of casino gaming. Have you learned from the free gaming experience and are ready to play for real money? So then, you have done the right thing, nothing can ever be opposed to the feelings you will have because when you play for real money.   Test the online casino payment options before plunging into the entertainment business. Pick the one that you consider the most beneficial! Each online casino player knows that a section on payment methods is one of the most important features to review before entering a casino online. The reason is that the requirements vary from casino to casino for getting deposits/withdrawing money.

It is most essential that you choose a method of payment that is recognized, ensure security and right for you. This implies that a higher authority approves the method, that the technique has stood the test of time and that you make it more convenient and easier to use. On this page, the approaches listed below which payment method suits your needs for gaming and lifestyle?

  • Ensures Security and Safe Process

All the payment methods we suggest make it their top priority. In order to make it so, all use distinct techniques. From Giropay’s PIN and TAN codes to the protect and prevent from fraudsters, you need this method of payment that protects and manages your privacy by using payment methods online. To stop poor service and even fraud or burglary, always use known and recommended payment options, which is Giropay.

  • Payment Method should be faster

The fastest payment process is typically Giropay, a payment system that is being used by many users. They are designed online for instant use and are also completely equipped for easy payment methods. However, debit and credit cards can indeed offer e-wallets a run for their funds, but that relies on the service provider.

  • Should I give up Giropay over debit or credit?

It goes back to personal preferences. Few individuals tend not to disclose their personal banking information over the internet, and a perfect option is a trustworthy payment solution such as Giropay.   Others however, like to stick to what they understand and trust, because they choose to stick to their debit cards.

  • Must I really need to have a credit card?

To make charges or receive deposits at the casino, you don’t have to own a credit card. Widely accepted and secure options are all readily available, such as Giropay.

  • Online Casinos’ Customer Service

Before you go to an online casino, you need to do research more about that particular casino and if they have a great customer service that will help you with your concerns. Within the many distinct types of gaming software providers, like Real Time Gaming (RTG) or a well-known provider called Microgaming, customer service is also available to assist you from any questions you might have. Multi-lingual agents are ready to assist you and provide phone, live chat and email support as well.

  • How is prize money paid?

Winnings are paid back in the payment method that you are using to deposit your money. You may only receive the same amount that you deposited if you used a credit card, so you would then be required to use a different form of payment. In general, the most common choices are using Giropay to receive prize money.

Bottom Line

As we can see, depending on the country, online casino payment methods can vary widely, particularly for non-English-speaking industries that favor payment processes in various languages.

The differences might well vary even more especially when marketing said sportsbooks and online casinos in certain industries where cultural and linguistic contexts require more expertise. For the gambling industry, payment methods are an essential part and they should pay closer attention to them.

It’s because the quality and relevance of the content of your site plays a vital role in helping users decide which online casino or sports betting, they should consider playing with. Even when it comes with something as specific as an online payment system, the details still matter.

Based on online banking, Giropay is indeed an accurate payments system and is widely used by gamblers from Austria and Germany. The procedure allows users to transfer money quickly, easily and above all, securely, and is accepted at most established online casinos that accept players from Germany and Austria. Gambling fanatics who choose to use Giropay as their deposit method are immediately able to participate in their favorite casino games with real-money bets as they process their transactions in a couple of seconds.

It’s really important as a player to know that you get the support and integrity that you deserve. Even so, you sign up for an online casino and expect to make some fairly massive deposits, but you would need to ensure that your money is being checked after and that all deposits and withdrawals can be done smoothly and ideally immediately! There’s so many different payment, deposit and withdrawal options out there, and power is always in your control when it comes to choosing what you want to use.  If you don’t like paying a charge, or whether you want to avoid any possible fees, it’s not easy to pick the right payment method, but it’s possible.

Mobile Casino: Everything You Need More About Mobile Casino and What Do We Look Forward in the Future?

There’s been a great deal of the mobile casinos and its improvement and advancement over the last so many years. There have been few choices you can choose when the first mobile casino games were launched. Today, several mobile games and graphics are now available with over hundreds of options. You’ll forget that you’re at home and feel like you’ve come to a new virtual casino world.

It’s fantastic that everybody can play some of the finest casino games today, from the safety and comfort of their own homes. In addition, you can play your favorite casino games outside your home with the launch of online poker services as well as mobile casinos.

Gambling has undergone many developments, but we are now at the edge of what might be the best.   The growing popularity of mobile devices now allows you to gamble everywhere and anytime. Also, gambling on the web emboldens players with the opportunity to gamble at home. If you’re in a mall or for a meeting, Blackjack and other favorite mobile casino games are now available for you to play.

These PDA versions and smart phones of these games are also offering their best and rich multimedia interface of their web-based counterparts, but with the additional convenience that a mobile casino and games are now literally in your hand. With rigorously tested, you can enjoy the fast and latest versions of all your favorite mobile games.

While there are certain individuals who claim that the notion of mobile casinos would not take root, experts in technology assert that it will be quite the opposite. In addition, these experts agree that mobile casino revenues could swell by hundreds of percentages in the near future with the exponentially evolving technologies of both smart phones and PDAs. Mobile casino software is too easy to update to these smartphones, and step-by-step tutorials are provided by most gaming sites. When they deposit funds, they can start right away.  It can be so much more fun to get a mobile casino on-the-go than playing in your room using a computer!

Mobile casino gaming is becoming more popular because it’s so simple to use and because it’s so convenient to be able to indulge in fun no matter wherever you are. The next big trend in the online gaming arena is mobile casino gambling, and so many people have some sort of mobile device.

What is the Concept of these Mobile Casino Games?

First, you’d have to know what mobile gambling is; yeah, that’s an operation involving using a mobile device to play the casino games such as slots, table games and video poker. While they typically think of mobile phones and tablets every time, we say mobile devices, players should bear in mind that certain providers have now released games that are also compatible with smartwatches. Developers have demonstrated a firm approach to their mobile-friendly products very well, consumers should not stress themselves about the quality of mobile games; therefore, seamless gameplay, user-friendly interface and large selection of titles are typical features of mobile gaming solutions by best companies such as Microgaming Playtech, NetEnt and BetSoft, many more.

Players should be mindful that there are two simple methods of launching mobile gaming platforms; first is to download a native mobile application, and the other is to enter a web application instantly. Both strategies have their very own benefits and pitfalls, but the one that is best for a certain player totally depends on the preferences of the player. Native applications are also offered; for example, Android applications are available at the Google Play Store, while iOS casino applications can be downloaded at the iTunes Store of Apple. Web apps do not need files to be accessed, so users can only enter the web address of the site and wait to be redirected in order to access them.

The Evolution of the Mobile Phone Gaming

The attention of people is much more focused on what mobile phones are probably capable of, prior to the presence of the online casino websites. The tech company Apple transformed the mobile market with their best iPhone way back 2007.

The App Store arrived a year later, along with its release. This opened up too many doors for both buyers and developers. While the notion of Wi-Fi is still in its development at the moment, with the aid of the application platform, it did not stop casino games from being much more popular.

The mobile casino had become a trend and introduced several casino favorites where you can play the best mobile casino games on a device, like card games, table games, slot games, and many more!

As the years passed by, a massive library of casino games was developed by game developers. Online casino websites have also gone so far as to build their own game downloader or installer that does not require continuous internet access. They have created some games that can then be played offline.

Extra Benefits of Having Casino Games on the Mobile Phones

Mobile gaming enables players of all ages to also have a good time while playing these very accessible mobile games. As these games are available on the go, whether waiting at the bus stop, walking through the park, or even while you are at work, you can still play them.

Mobile games often make it easy for everyone who is particularly on a vacation. Given the number of casino games widely available, people are accustomed to getting access to them.

Since these mobile games are easily accessible, download, and play, instead of going to the traditional land-based casinos, many players now choose to play casino games on mobile devices.  Remember the old days when the only alternative is to visit these traditional casinos in order to play slot machines.

Mobile Casino Games Offer and Best Software Providers

While players may consider mobile gaming to be some sort of undeveloped branch, the fact is that providers take it very seriously and update their offer continuously. As a result, the list of mobile casino games is quite broad and features some of the best titles in the industry. Developers typically assign different channels to smartphone gaming where they incorporate their best known games and make access as smooth as possible. There are leading companies whose commodities are in high demand in the industry.

The Microgaming Go platform developed primarily to address the needs of mobile gamers, this is an answer to the emergence of mobile gaming. The product offers best options from the company, such as Tomb Raider, Thunderstruck II and Bridesmaids, equipped with hundreds of slots, table games and video poker versions. Playtech is indeed prominent in the smartphone gaming industry with dozens of popular games that work outstanding throughout multiple platforms.

Games like Pink Panther, Iron Man 3, and Gladiator are just a few game titles that players can play at mobile casinos operated by Playtech. Two other existing providers that have launched mobile gaming services are NetEnt and BetSoft; NetEnt Touch is the first solution, while BetSoft promotes its BetSoft ToGo platform. It also means that beloved fan slot machines such as Scarface, At the Copa, Gonzo’s Hunt, and Under the Bed can now be played easily via desktops and also tablets and smartphones.

It’s safe to assume that the range of games is incredibly strong with this information. There are certainly all sorts of themes and special factors that make the gameplay particularly entertaining. Progressive jackpots are also part of the deal, of course, but reaching a huge cash reward is also not excluded. Table sports, Slot machines, board games, scratch cards, video poker, and live dealer tables are usually the popular gaming categories accessible to smartphone gamers.

Find Mobile Games that Have a Safety, Banking and Best Customer Support

Ultimately, regarding three main categories relating to mobile gambling and online gambling, we must consider a thing or two about these segments. Namely, as long as it is accredited and regularly checked and tested by the audited operators, mobile gaming products are totally safe. Providers are still trying to follow as high expectations of protection and equality as possible, but there is no reason to think about these two concerns.

When it refers to banking, while the variety of methods is a little worse than those seen on standard gaming websites, players can always choose from reliable options. The most widely found banking options at mobile casinos are credit cards and e-wallets; in addition, consumers can still use prepaid coupons and wire transfers often.

Customer Support never remains hidden by operators and the players. Therefore, don’t be fooled into believing that having a mobile device reduces the support capabilities; services make it easy for users to contact support live chat even though they play on mobile devices, whilst phone support and email support are still a best option.

PROS AND CONS: Playing Games at Mobile Casinos

For certain individuals, playing at mobile casinos can be the right thing, but not for others. In this chapter, you can read about several things in order to figure out what is positive or negative about the mobile play. Don’t let the drawbacks put you away from trying, though.  Before playing with real money, you must check if the casinos you are playing are safe or not. You will then make your own judgment about whether or not you prefer them.

Smartphone screens have become bigger in recent years, graphics have become smoother and more detailed, audio is clearer and the processors are more efficient. Adding the advent of devices to this and together they have taken market share from conventional desktop computers digitally.

It’s not just the hardware that has made improvements, but also the applications. Mobile casino download software has been introduced by several operators. Other providers have followed the road of instant play mobile casinos accessible from an internet browser on an iOS, Android or even in the Windows Phone device.

Whereas the distance has narrowed between what online and mobile casinos will offer, it is always a matter of personal choice to opt to play at a mobile casino. For every punter, what seems more comfortable cannot look good for another.

The choice and factors to play at a mobile casino are ultimately distinct. Yet, we don’t recommend that you count it out until you’ve tried a free play mobile casino.

Let’s take a look at these pros and cons of having mobile casino:

PROS of mobile play

One of the benefits of playing mobile casino is that as long as you have a steady internet connection, you can access the game anytime and wherever you want. You can relax on your sofa comfortably, for instance, or have a short game at the bus station. You don’t have to go somewhere to play.  When you play at mobile casinos, make sure that easy access is guaranteed.

Before you can play, don’t have to wait for other people to complete their game. For instance, if you want to play a roulette table at a land-based casino, it may happen that the table is fully loaded, and you have to wait. Of course, when you play online, it won’t happen, because you can still take a seat at a virtual table.

Often you get exclusive promotions from the mobile casinos, which you can only get when you play on a mobile platform or app. Without investing more, this casino bonus money offers you more possibilities to strike the big jackpot.

CONS of mobile casino slots

You will find that the variety of games is not as broad as it is on the websites when playing games on your Mobile or tablet. The available games have been designed for smartphone use, typically to be compatible with the touch screen. By continuously introducing new titles, the game developers are continually expanding the selection. However, you can easily login to the website from a device if you wish to play other games.

One small drawback is also that a mobile screen is very small. For others, this may be a concern, as the specifics of the game may be very limited, and some things may be hard to see. Using a small screen can take some time to get used to. However, if a tablet PC is used in mobile casinos, there should not be any issues.

In certain cases, since different games need different software, such as Flash or Java, you will often have to install additional software on your device. For the computer, this is typically not a concern, but will take a few minutes of time.

What Do We Look Forward to in the mobile casinos in the Future?

The development of modern mobile casino games is such a novelty which is more interesting and exciting! New and exciting slots, fruit machine devices and software are being checked and developed to make them even better. With more distinctive features and even more realistic graphics, there’s no denying the casino games will be even more entertaining, reasons why the mobile gaming industry continues to grow and improve, giving software developers even higher mobility and more opportunities.

Smartwatches like the Apple Watch are the next phase in mobile casino gaming.  Perhaps it’s much more convenient than a computer, so the power doesn’t drain out and you’re less likely to lose it or miss it. The first slots have already been put to the test on Android smartphones, it could be just a several years away from casino operators getting on board and making a switch to this new platform. Virtual Reality is another development for the gaming industry. It   could theoretically open up new more opportunities for mobile casino games that would offer a gameplay experience that is more accessible and immersive. Imagine playing your dream VR slot, it will be an awesome interactive experience for gamers.

Who knows what could happen for popular gambling mobile gaming in the future? It could only get more fun!

More consumers are gradually conscious of the attraction and unimaginable advantage of mobile casinos. Mobile devices are conveniently accessible and both mobile and desktop gaming versions are also available in many casinos. They were restricted when mobile casinos first started, but they have since grown and are on the rise. Seeing what the future of mobile casinos brings is even more fascinating.

  • Enhanced graphics and better experience for users

The graphical quality of the mobile casino games also improved dramatically. These mobile casino games that many platforms offer are now a far away from the traditional slot machines. There are a lot of mobile casinos that offer great experience and it must be one of the sites with a growing number of mobile casino games that have excellent graphics. A few other sites, however, do have poor graphics and for this reason, people often simply avoid mobile casino games.

Mobile casino games would be able to display much improved graphics without any reduction of efficiency with further advances. There will not be a huge discrepancy between desktop and mobile games in the future. This will boost the overall user experience and will ensure the best gameplay.

  • Distribute More Options for Payments

Cryptocurrencies, better represented as digital currency, are digital currencies that individuals enjoy for their safe transactions and lower probability of fraud. Cryptocurrency over regular currency is often favored by many consumers because it makes faster payments. As a result, most online casinos support any sort of cryptocurrencies now, using the most popular bitcoin.

Due to the rise in online casino payment choices, cryptocurrencies are still not utilized by several mobile casinos. In the future, this could shift when bitcoin becomes much more mainstream and is acknowledged anywhere, including on mobile casinos, as a popular means of payment.

  • Evolution of the bonuses for mobile casinos

The players needed some persuasion to check it out when mobile casinos were first launched. Desktop gaming during this time meant excellent gameplay and improved graphics in regard to mobile gameplay. As an opportunity for players to pursue mobile games, casinos have started offering mobile casino bonuses.

The success of mobile gaming has risen tremendously since that time. Currently, it has become the standard to use a mobile casino alongside its desktop version. Most customers no longer need an excuse to go mobile and the promotions used to generate interest in mobile casinos are becoming insignificant. These bonuses will become more extinct in the future as mobile casinos grow more.

  • Future Regulation of the Mobile Casinos

The improvements in the mobile casino industry have not been without some issues. Casino operators that engage in dishonest business have hindered development. They have been recognized to manipulate players and manipulate games. In the online and mobile casino room, the problem has been exacerbated by the lack of effective regulation.

A few government bodies have begun to restrict casino games, including mobile gaming. This regulation is planned to safeguard casino players while raising some income for governments as well. In the coming years, regulation will become the business norm as more countries and economies step up their steps to govern gaming.

  • More Skill-Based Players

The rise of skill-based gambling is another promising possibility for the future of mobile gaming. Developers of games are focusing on skill-based slots growth. For those players who love incorporating their wit with a touch of luck, it will offer a welcome challenge. Many players still love poker, it is a skill-based gaming game, and the entertainment and the variety of game selections would contribute to this.

There seem to be a ton of aspects to expect and many improvements to be appreciated. The future of mobile casinos is looking really promising, from more security and smoother gaming to increased control and exciting technical developments.

  • More Game Selections to Choose

There are a lot of different games in most mobile casinos targeting various preferences of different people. The graphics are fantastic, and to guarantee the best gameplay, the user experience is constantly improved. It does not seem to be enough though, and the next major move for mobile casino games is supposed to be Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. All the facets of real gaming in a casino can be imitated by these versions.

  • Improved Security for Applications

Currently, there are many reliable applications that have the highest safety regulations, but many operators do not comply with the mandatory security quality standards for the app.   This is the key reason why security threats exist and these avoidance schemes are taken advantage of by hackers.

All of this will allow a better change as there are major developments planned for security and testing of mobile apps to support device developers provide more stable apps. This would be helpful to gamblers as it tends to ease any problem of online protection especially for their personal financial details.


There are high resolution graphics, easy controls, and real money gaming options in mobile casino games nowadays. In addition, online games can be played with others from diverse geographical areas, all while using a regular mobile device. Being a casino game player is still a wonderful time and the future is much better!

Significant changes are occurring in the environment. Today, technology has a huge effect on our lives and is paving the way for changes in the way we work and play. It seems that mobile phones arrive first as people must-have gadgets, rivalling computers for the top spot, and allowing civilization to take the lead and develop. Not only are mobile phones making our jobs smoother, and they also make players happier than ever before. This can best be seen in the advent of mobile casinos.

It will take time and dedication to find out which game or gaming style fits your preferences, just like in any casino experience, but the advantage of mobile casinos is that all the choices are right at your fingers; making you free to try various gaming options from the comfort of your own home; on the way to work; or anywhere else that comes your way!

It’s important to do your research when deciding whether to use a mobile casino or not. The official gaming authority would have licensed every legal and trustworthy mobile casino, so always keep clear of any that do not have apparent authorization. Using a gaming website that seems credible is extremely vital, when you enter your banking information. Look for badges that certify safe payment on the web page or app, and paying via trustworthy payment channels.

Mobile casinos’ tremendous success has sparked good news for mobile gamblers worldwide, that the need for upgraded, fast technology has opened the way for exciting changes in the field of mobile gaming industry. If you have never played this mobile casino now is the best time to give one a shot! Don’t wait to try a few different ones, finding a feeling that makes you feel about right.

To sum up, always have fun, play reasonably, and do everything you can to win!

QuickSpin Games List: Best Video Slot to Look Forward in 2021

Quickspin is indeed a game development studio based in Sweden with offices in Malta, , Kiev, Ukraine, Stockholm, and Sweden as well.  Quickspin was created in 2011 by three men in Stockholm who agreed that it was time to start developing the games they like to play themselves.

Quickspin was acquired in 2016 by Playtech, the world’s largest provider of online gaming software. ‘Quickspin hires about 100 people throughout 29 countries, no wonder why these days there’s a quite good casino game provider.

Quickspin currently has around 62 slot games. In 2020, there are 12 slots that are released, so it seems to be very active in the publishing of new games.

All the video slot games launched by Quickspin, the Swedish game studio known for its remarkable titles such as Sticky Robbers, Big Bad Wolf, Wild Bears, Goldilocks, Second Strike and Razor Tooth.  With their published Return to Player Percentage (RTPs), variance, reels, pay lines, jackpots and more features, you are about to discover the best three games if you keep scrolling down.

Since the company was founded in Stockholm way back 2012, the team has made over 30 video slot games. Sharp graphics, smooth animations and fun gameplay distinguish their games. At most of the sites in the Quickspin Casinos list, you can play more games.

Brief History of the Company

Despite having only been in business for a little over seven years, QuickSpin have succeeded to establish themselves as one of the leading providers of those creative and famous slots today. Initially founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, the company quickly began to build a great portfolio where you find the best video slot titles, but also for the software platforms and services.

This huge portfolio led QuickSpin to establish partnerships with leading providers of online gambling across the world, and around 2016, their company led to the company being acquired by Playetch, one of the gambling giants in the industry. The cost of that purchase was not publicly disclosed and, under the general label of Playtech, QuickSpin has continued to work as a highly decentralized company.

QuickSpin has continued to provide several of the leading online casinos in the world, like Unibet, Casumo, 188Bet and BetVictor, with the support of their parent company. What they often offer to those leading brands is much more than just well-known video slot games.  A cutting-edge software platform and a number of creative and promotional tools are also being developed and supplied.

The Platform

Inside an online casino, the QuickSpin software platform completely combines and offers the casino operator a great and fully casino management system. This requires access to an extensive back office, which offers the opportunity for casinos to track statistics, handling promotions and completing any number of other main activities.

The promotional tools of QuickSpin, whereas, are grouped as a collection recognized as QuickSpin Promote. The company’s Flexible Free Rounds feature, Game Events, Achievements Module are the most prominent and creative of those tools.

Online casinos enable their players to experience every QuickSpin slot game for free with whatever bets they choose, with the so-called Flexible Free Rounds feature. Besides that, the Achievements Module adds an extra layer of the gameplay to each slot by enabling participants to progress through 4 levels of achievement, tracking their progress, asserting and utilizing relevant rewards as they’re doing. Finally, during QuickSpin slot gaming, game events are particular activities that casinos can track and use to execute great promotions or activate player rewards.

As beneficial as those tools are to online casinos, as well as the idea that QuickSpin slots are highly featured on the most profitable online casinos in the world, that shows that they really are, it is the video slot game portfolio of QuickSpin that the company is most famous with.

Software Provider

Hence, when it started, the company has been well established of the path they take. Quickspin’s main goal is to create just one gaming category when it comes to game production: which are slots. This has made it possible for the company to push all its efforts and actions into creating top-notch possessions.

Only a brief period after it was launched, Quickspin came with so much potential, which led to its takeover by Playtech. Founded in 1999, Playtech is one of the leading in-game productions, which helped Quickspin to develop an even bigger audience after it was acquired. After being purchased, indeed, Playtech allowed Quickspin to proceed with the development of individual games. The only distinction is that they do it as a third party, where online casino games are operated by Playtech.

Online Slot Games

To identify with them, every developer is known for putting a special touch on the games they make, and Quickspin has managed to pick up on the trend. A few of the things that this developer has in common with all slot games include:

  • Bonus Features. It breaks the monotony of the spinning the reels, offering the player something a little more important than just payouts from matched combos to look forward more to. In Quickspin slots, the features that one is bound to run into multipliers, mini-games and free spins.
  • Autoplay Feature. For gamers who are leaning towards quicker gaming, the autoplay feature is being used perfectly. Choosing this feature will allow one to spin the reels many times in a row. The feature stops only when the number of spins selected will end or the account of the bettor is drained of cash. The autoplay feature comes with a choice of spins that range between 10 and 100 spins. Even so, this model doesn’t really come with a stop option like the other slot games out there. Even so, the spinning does come to a halt when a bonus feature is triggered and then continues once it has been activated or claimed. Even so, when a bonus feature is activated and then continues until it has been activated or stated, the spinning grinds to a stop.

Slot Machine RTP

For each unit placed a bet over time, RTP is indeed a measure of how much a slot machine pays out to their players. It is most often expressed as a percentage value and is often less than 100 percent. The dissimilarity between 100 percent and the RTP of the slot machine is recognized as the house edge, and that’s the statistical advantage that enables casinos to make a long-term profit. Slot machines with an RTP percentage nearer to 100 percent are also referred to as loose slots, whereas low RTP games are referred to as tight games.

For instance, if you play a slot machine with an RTP value of 95 percent, the house edge would be equal to 5 percent. This implies that the machine wins 5 percent of any unit gambled.  Naturally, a game that acknowledged a 1 USD bet and paid back a 95c “win” on each spin would also be ludicrously boring, not to include the difficulties to win against a player. Slots are thus designed with pay tables that give participants the opportunity to win in the short period of time while also banking profits for their operators over the long period of time through a large player base for their operators. Taking a high RTP or loose slot as a player (or at least avoiding the low RTP stinkers) will extend your play sessions over the longer run, so that you can play more spins for your budget and get a higher deal for your funds.

Top Three QuickSpin Games to Look Forward

QuickSpin also has a portfolio of just over 40 different game titles for video slots in 2018, with over 31 of those games released for both have accessed on mobile and desktop play. That being said, that number is set to increase exponentially, as QuickSpin has a specified target of launching 12 new slot games every year. By still having 6 slot models and 30 different designs being worked, they hope to accomplish more goals.

The vast majority of the company’s games seem to take their influence from fairy tales or similar traditional myths when it comes to the themes that are quite common to QuickSpin slot titles. Remarkable examples of the games are following:

  1. Big Bad Wolf

This Quickspin’s award-winning game is inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood story. It deals with a really good RTP of 97.31 percent, 25 regular pay lines and a top payout of 1,268 times. As we have grown to expect, the graphics are very elegant as well.

The most key highlight of the game called Big Bad Wolf is the dropping reels. After a winning spin, winning symbols are removed, with new ones falling in to substitute them. Until no further winning lines appear, this sequence continues. Moreover, one of your pig symbols gets wild with each second win in a sequence and stays even throughout the sequence.

However, as you step into a round of up to Twenty free spins and a Blowing Down the House feature where you can land more spins and multipliers on top, everything gets much more exciting!

  1. Sticky Bandits

As they try to pull off a robbery on a runaway train loaded with gold bullion, this wild western-themed game tells the tale of a bunch of Desperados.   The Return to Player (RTP) here is 96.58 percent on a 5×5 set up and Thirty fixed pay lines. The fun part is the free spins round that is actually setting up with Seven spins that come with Sticky Wilds. Giant wild symbols consisting of the characters from the game are also present, filling spaces Two reels wide and substituting for all the other symbols.

In Sticky Bandits, the maximum payout is 739 times and the game is accessible at one of the favorite Quickspin slot sites right now.

  1. Razortooth

On its release, this prehistoric-themed slot was really remarkable for being the 1st Quickspin game to provide 243 ways in order to win. Payouts follow any similar symbols without pay lines on corresponding reels as well. It also ends up coming with Wilds and lots of free spins, fully packed. With 96.6 percent of the RTP here and the top win is 2,445 times your stake.

The animations and graphics in Razortooth are fantastic, with the Razortooth predator charging across your screen at random points in the base game, dropping more than 3 wilds. And there’s Savage Wild Spins, a 5 free spin bonus round in which at least one reel turns absolutely wild!

And for the favorite Quickspin games, that’s it. The best part is that on a daily basis, they continue to produce new titles where in fact, there are 12 in total scheduled for release. We’ve already seen Joker Strike and Pied Piper, and there’s a new game on the upcoming release list, called Dwarves Gone Wild. It can’t be awful!

Good Benefits of Playing Slots at QuickSpin

Some benefits that it offers gamers have driven Quickspin to the top of the gaming chart includes:

  • Good Bonuses. In order to support gamers with discounts and promos to develop their bankroll, Quickspin has got in contact with some casinos that offer their slot games. They are given free spins in the no deposit bonus package in most instances. The developer provides a no deposit bonus at any of the partnered casinos with 20 free spins or depends on the casino, exclusive use in the Big Bad Wolf Slot.
  • The licenses that a software developer or casino holds may probably determine a casino’s good reputation. Three respected agencies have authorized them to operate namely the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gaming Control Commission. Given the stringent laws they have in place, these commissions are well established for being diligent in securing gamblers from illicit activities.
  • High-quality graphics. This is a good thing that this developer makes very clear in all the slots. They are created with some of the finest graphics shown in the industry. The background music tracks placed to fit every slot, respectively, supports this feature. The games’ great appearances work to bring the player into the slot world they are playing.

Play ‘N Go: All You Need to Know About this Software Developer

Play’n GO is a leading software developer in Sweden, among the first countries to fully authorized and recognize their full potential and efforts in the online gaming industry. The fact that they are more concentrated on delivering quality goods as opposed to expanding into one of the world ‘s biggest companies and is one of the most impressive aspects of Play’n GO.

The great outcome of this endeavor is to provide online operators and players globally with their top services and products, particularly when it comes to online slots. That’s the company’s main priority and, with every new release, they continue to break new territory.

Compared to other online software developers, the emergence of Play’n GO happened in a somewhat unique way. As a stand-alone company, most software providers prefer to open their virtual doors, creating online casino games from the beginning. Play’n GO, however, chose to take a totally different path in this aspect.

From the founding, the company was filled with a talented staff, including talented software developers who were enthusiastic about designing best casino games. Both of them gained experience from previous companies and teamed up in the industry to build a new and promising company.

With a minimal number of workers, the company concentrated more on the business’s creative and technical aspects. That implied that other companies had to manage the branding, marketing, and marketing aspects of the company. It is fair to say that Play’n GO was basically an affiliate of other providers of software, like NetEnt.

The fact that they began in the mid-1990s when the internet began to develop a surge in popularity is one aspect of Play’n GO that is not unusual in the industry. In 2005, the software provider succeeded so much that it agreed to become a stand-alone company, taking all responsibility for its services and products.

Since its founding, the company has come a long way from Sweden, and has continued to spread across the world with offices located in the UK, Malta, the Philippines, and Hungary. The company already has a United Kingdom Gambling Commission gambling license, granting them license to access players inside that country their casino games.

Top 15 Best Casinos in Play’n GO

Players are most often hesitant to play at a new online casino, but any worries should be put aside in this situation! All the operators we have mentioned below are secure and monitored, meeting player tastes and constantly enhancing their offers. Without any further delay, let us just introduce the Play’n GO casino lists with the best different sites where you can find this software company’s amazing games!

  1. Dunder
  2. SpinStation
  3. SpinLand
  4. Diamond7
  5. Video Slots
  6. Barbados Casino
  7. BetRegal
  8. Betsafe Casino
  9. Casino Cruise
  10. Casilando
  11. Casiplay Casino
  12. Energy Casino
  13. Gate 777 Casino
  14. Mr Green Casino
  15. Karamba Casino

Other Play’n GO Products You Look Forward to:

  • Video Poker

As it combines a typical casino game with the ranking of cards you experience in a poker game, video poker is seen as a hybrid card game in the world.  This simply implies that, as opposed to playing against other teams, you play against the house.

You will recognize that video poker versions are different, but they all operate on the basis of a five-card draw where you get five initial cards with the option to exchange between zero and five cards in a single round.

Some video poker versions require only a pair of jacks or better to earn a payout, while others need two pairs to be created before a payout is activated, particularly with versions of video poker that come with aces and jokers which serve as wild cards.

  • Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Video Bingo

In their portfolio, Play’n GO doesn’t even have an immense range of table games, but they’re all still impressed with excellent graphics and animations performance to catch your attention. Without a question, Baccarat Roulette, and Blackjack are the world’s most popular table games and operate exactly as you would expect them to.

You merely need to defeat the dealer, if you are playing with blackjack versions. No need to take any chances when the dealer displays a poor face-up card. Even so, when it comes to blackjack, learning when to split and double down will improve your gaming experience considerably. Thus, understanding when to be cautious and when to be militant is often advantageous.

If you’re really interested in playing baccarat, you just need to determine if the hand of the player or the hand of the banker would win in a single round. Baccarat is a well-known game to every casino enthusiast, with one of the lowest house edges, offering fantastic value.

You will not go wrong with roulette as you enjoy a wider range of betting choices. In a single round, this incredibly popular table game comes with the almost infinite selection of betting options, giving you the chance to start betting on single numbers, corners, streets, split numbers, outside bets, even money bets, and much more.

With exception of three special perks that will substantially boost your online gaming session, video bingo shares a lot of similarities with conventional bingo. For eg, in a single round, you will have the option to play up to four cards and if you do not like the numbers, you can switch cards then. You can also simultaneously show all the numbers, as opposed to disclosing them one at a time.

  • Casino Hold’em

If you are enjoying playing poker but don’t like the five-card draw featured in most versions of video poker, we strongly suggest that you play a few rounds of Play’n GO Casino Hold’em.

Casino Hold’em makes use of the same structure of hands as Texas Hold’em. Even so, you would simply be playing against the dealer instead of playing against other players. You will have the option to choose whether you want to fold or continue playing depending on the cards in your hand once you have received your two initial cards.

When it comes to regular play, it’s really about defeating the dealer. That being said, when you have a stronger hand than the dealer, you can also put an AA bonus bet, which is an extra side bet in Casino Hold’em, to reward yourself to larger and greater payouts.

  • Slots

Obviously, the game portfolio of the business may not be as wide as other software companies, as they focus more on delivering quality as compared to quantities. In terms of resources and workers, you can also find that the business itself is significantly smaller. That doesn’t prevent them from competing for the title as the best in the industry.

Over the years, Play’n GO has created hundreds of top-quality slots, offering some of the most exciting gaming sessions to present to fans.

Bottom Line

With years of industry success, Play’n GO is a global software provider. In contrary to quantity, the company puts a lot of emphasis on quality, which was the perfect formula that helped them to be one of the world’s leading software developers. Even if they’re not as big as NetEnt or Microgaming, they continue to turn heads with the best slot creations they offer.

With some of the most creative themes you have ever set your eyes on, the software provider continues to build and develop more slots and introduce fully tested bonus features that continue to attract more gamers with every new update. The only downside is the lack of progressive jackpot slots. This might not be the case for much longer, however, with the company at the top of the casino industry.

When playing at Play’n GO, they all want individuals to have more enjoyment and fun playing their games, but they strongly urge control and responsibility to be practiced. First, their mission is to attract more gamers globally, but they are equally committed to promoting responsible gambling by providing good and effective resources to help keep gambling under regulation, within fair and secure limits, as well as creating awareness of possible addictive of gambling. In being able to reach gambling services, gambling must be enjoyed in a safe, regulated way and only by people who are of legal age.

Play’n GO does not really have a direct association or player support feature for customers. Gambling services are offered to players by the operator and working license holder of the gambling site in which players have registered, as stated out in the terms and conditions of the respective casino. Hence, if you have any concerns about the game offers, the website where players have been betting and placing their bets will be the place to contact. They also provide gambling regulation possibilities and tools and will be able to advise and direct players about how to determine the possibility of them being prone to possible problem addiction issues or taking control of their gameplay, the presence of restrictions or other features that they can apply to their betting, the accessibility of instruments and strategies for self-exclusion.

Many gamers who have trouble managing the amount of time or money they spend on the games are strongly encouraged to contact the casino they’ve gambled with, in order to authorize, suspend or exempt themselves from gambling security features.

NetEnt: Why Is it Considered as One of the Best Software Providers?

Back in 1996, NetEnt was founded and is situated in Sweden. This provider provides a complete range of casino online games that are all offered in flash-format.  With this, gamers from all over the world can avoid installations and downloads and use a web browser to access games immediately.

NetEnt’s games are excellent and feature leading animations and graphics along with the best game features such as bonus rounds.To ensure fairness and randomness, all games are regularly checked and can be played for real money bets. In all NetEnt casinos, there is also a fun mode available, where gamers do not have to register an account to play games for free and for pure entertainment only.

NetEnt, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is listed publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The company won an award for the Casino Module way back 2006, as it was ranked as one of the top 20 providers for online gambling. NetEnt is a well-known and trusted company in the industry, currently driving more than sixty (60) online casinos, and is not only supported by gamers, but also by operators.

NetEnt provides stable and reliable software, no wonder why they’re one of the top suppliers in the online gambling industry and makes use of the latest technologies whenever they’re designing games. This software is utilized by numerous operators and offers gamblers instant play games from different places from around the world. This software provider stays at the top of the list of over 100 titles and more being added on a regular basis, and continues to be considered one of the best providers in the industry.

Among the biggest casino software companies globally, NetEnt has risen to prominence. With an insistence on innovation and original game content, they have climbed their way to the peak. NetEnt alone has over 1000 workers, most of whom focus on research and innovation.

Their success and development are indicative of their quality of software. They gained loyal supporters from casino owners and players respectively. This is also indicated by their overwhelming 21.4 billion gaming transactions way back 2014. Only since that time has their popularity grown. In addition, around 2016, NetEnt posted a 28.5 percent growth in sales.

About 170 casinos are operated by NetEnt already. Due to player demands for their software, this number is growing exponentially. Their software library for gaming contains over 220 titles. All of these have been enhanced via their Touch software platform in order to include mobile-friendly versions.

Brief History and Arrival of NetEnt Software

To know the history of this online slot games developer is a fascinating thing. Established in 1996, NetEnt has its origins in the more conventional casino and in the world of gaming that we knew before the WWW took over, in what became known as Cherryforetagen. Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundstrom launched AB Restaurang Rouletter way back 1963.

Later, stretching back in 1968, a collaboration with Spelautomater and AB Roulett Konsult  was founded by Lars Kling and Per Hamberg.   The operations were a success and gained national recognition, so the name Cherry was registered along with the iconic cherry logo in 1972. After such an enthralling period, Pontus Lindwall, the son of Bill Lindwall, launched NetEnt way back 1996, and then began to transform the world of slots! When the online gambling that most everyone knows and enjoy already began to take off in the middle of the 90’s, with the very first online casino was introduced around 2000.  NetEnt became spun off and started appearing on NGM Equity in 2007 and then moved to the Stockholm Stock Exchange main list in 2009.

Software Development

All of NetEnt’s gaming software is developed in-house. At the current situation, the Casino Module is created by NetEnt and is used by more than 60 online casino operators. This is NetEnt’s core product and provides support for more than twenty-five languages and an enormous management system. Even though NetEnt expands all of their own in-house games, gamers can now expect one of the most precise ways to enjoy flash casino games, with its most distinctive titles and innovative features.

This makes it possible for operators to maintain the site in full detail and to have full control over the management. NetEnt offers a detailed suite of different services, including the monitoring of operations, account management, technical support, systems hosting, and availability of new software versions every twelve weeks.

The Casino Module is developed specifically to be used in NetEnt online casinos and is reviewed by two different parties for its fairness. This gives the operators that power their sites with NetEnt software a good reputation that extends to them.

Technology Usage

Through making use of top-notch technologies when developing games, NetEnt has remained an industry pioneer. This enables the company to develop more creative games that display impeccable graphics and safe running. NetEnt not only uses the new technologies for traditional casino games, but also utilizes HTML5 for mobile games. This really is the latest available mobile technology and makes it possible to play every game on their mobile devices. NetEnt casinos have used state of the art software and are developing the new feature for payment systems. So, gamers can make fully secure transactions at one of those online casinos that are secured by SSL encryption software. It offers the same degree of security for its gamers as they would love in an online payment system.

NetEnt opened its own live casino way back 2013, in order to keep pace with new technology. The company does have a studio in Malta where the games are shown to gamers in full detail. These games are streamed globally on home computers. It provides live roulette and live blackjack, but plans to introduce a fresh collection of live baccarat in the relatively near future.

NetEnt’s Splendid Achievements Over the Years

We’re going to introduce it back to what happened in 2002. This would be the phase when NetEnt CasinoTM was launched and then NetEnt delivered Casino Modules to many clients a year later in 2003. Unexpectedly, the company’s profits are rising at a rapid pace and it is hitting profitability. A massive cornerstone in every business.

Later in 2004, NetEnt supplied its foreign clients with a great amount of casino units, and then a year afterwards NetEnt secured a gaming license in Malta. There was much more development from these game busters throughout 2007.  And after the company launched the notorious Gonzo’s Search in 2010, NetEnt obtained a Category 2 licence in Alderney.

Unexpectedly, the Universe had even greater plans for them, NetEnt launched its first ever mobile gaming option and expanded into Italy in 2011. Then there are quite a few major agreements of interest, such as gambling players and with big casino players like Paddy Power and Boylesports. NetEnt is fully licensed and the Danish market is strictly regulated, and they release even more a wide variety of games.

A High Payout Percentage in Every NetEnt Online Casino

This is the proportion of the bets that the casino pays out in prize money. For instance, a slot machine in a bar or arcade does have a payout percentage of about sixty percent, which means that in each euro put as a bet of sixty cents will be paid out in winnings. When you are playing one of the games of NetEnt at an online casino, you are guaranteed of a payout percentage ranging from 94 percent to 98.5 percent. Always remember that the number of payouts is an estimate based on hundreds of millions of rounds of play. It’s not a guarantee that you’re going to win, but the probability that you’re going to win is greater than everywhere else.

NetEnt has also put an introduction screen to let the player know that he or she plays on 100 percent fairn casino software. The payout percentages are all still set, and NetEnt has allowed the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission, two of the most respected bodies around, to approve them. This is decided once submitted, and no one can have any effect on the games’ performance. Through a Random Generator, everything is decided. Therefore, an online casino using this best software has no effect whatsoever on the performance of gaming.

How to identify a casino from NetEnt?

You can recognize a NetEnt casino through the introduction screen, as mentioned above, that will display when you open a game. Well, when you are playing one of these game creations, when you select a game and load it, you instantly see the loading screen. You can see the logo of the Swedish studio on that screen.

Reliable and Honest Apps

Because of its honest and reliable software, NetEnt is well known globally. It has a good reputation for making the most enticing games online. These games are also very challenging yet interesting, apart from being desirable. They provide a real-time casino experience for the gamers along with the best quality for their money.

You will instantly know whether it is from NetEnt or not if you are playing an online casino game. If it’s from NetEnt, you’ll see a pop-up when you load the game that states that the game is indeed a “Net Entertainment Production.” The games from NetEnt cannot be changed by anyone, especially their effects. That’s because the software for the games runs on a secure server located in Malta that is protected and monitored by Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta that makes it more impossible for someone to be interfered with.

Why is it interesting to NetEnt?

Their Live Dealer game collection is one of the least interesting aspects of NetEnt’s portfolio. The number of games offered is pretty limited, although their Live Dealer software meets their high-quality standards. For any table game you’re looking for, they have a Live Dealer option also, but you might need to decide on the version.

A new program called NetEnt Engage was recently introduced by NetEnt to boost their Live Dealer branch of software. The aim of this program is to give promotional operations to Live Mobile Casino players to add to the enthusiasm of their gameplay experience. Random jackpot payouts are also available, along with rewards and promotions. Online casinos are able to customize the software to meet their casino requirements.

Another big trend for NetEnt’s Live Mobile Casino is already in the world of virtual reality gaming. It is the first game software developer to introduce slot machine software in virtual reality.  As there is already an enormous potential impact in their VR software, we should anticipate to see several of these games in the future.

NetEnt has indeed worked on enhancing their options for mobile casinos. In 2011, they debuted their NetEnt Touch games, with the game Gonzo’s Quest Touch, . Since then, they also introduced many of their games to the Touch lineup. For handheld devices, these games are specially formatted particularly. All are capable of including all original gameplay attributes such as prizes, scatters, wilds, sticky spins, free spins, and much more.

Among mobile casino players, the lineup of NetEnt Touch has been widely praised. It’s indeed available on well-known systems running such as Android, Apple iOS, and Windows. That software is known to give mobile gaming the ultimate experience, and won a multitude of awards.

Bottom Line

NetEnt has a wide range of software games that are fully licensed.  NetEnt Rocks is one with their most famous series of licensed slot machine games, as per Casino Reviews. Games featuring Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, and Guns N’Roses are all included in this collection. Such slot machine games have been some of the most popular games on NetEnt.

In their licensed gaming series, their latest update is Planet of the Apes. In October 2017, they released this game. Another massive success for NetEnt is anticipated to be. Arabian Nights, Hall of Gods, South Park, Super Fortune, Dracula and Aliens are few of their most famous games.

Among the games, several slot machine games developed by NetEnt provide original features. The innovation and ingenuity of NetEnt have produced some hugely successful casino games. globally.  A slot machine game called Reel Rush that can deliver over 3,000 pay lines has also been developed by NetEnt.

Along with their entire gaming library, NetEnt maintains a high-quality standards of their games. They didn’t sacrifice qualities for quantities, but instead found a way to implement both. You should also look for virtual reality gaming to be at the center of their software.

NetEnt’s software has been continuously selected as a favorite by casino players. Their range of games and excellent quality software keeps players back to play. The high RTP percentage is another highlight of the slots.

Neteller: Why Most of the Online Casino Players Chose Neteller as their Payment Method?

Traditional companies have also been pushing online with the growth of the internet and smartphones. Instead of going to the bank to transfer funds, people now do the transactions from their mobile phones. They can now play at the online casino from the comfort of their own home. Because of the higher discretion and lower costs compared to traditional land-based casinos, they have a massive impact in the online world. But they have more than one payment method, especially in the digital era, for them to retain customers. This determines the number of gamers they attract, as they choose to select the casinos that allow their desired payment methods.  When selecting an online casino, it is very important to be cautious because there is a lot of fraud around nowadays.  The payment methods are a clear measure of the reliability of a casino.

Those casinos that use Neteller is typically a good indication, because the fact is that it’s not that hard to discover a casino that fits for this payment system. Neteller is known to break ties with scam-related accounts, so players should be assured that the casino is very well-respected.

There are many forms of payment that online casinos can accept, but not all of them enable you to withdraw. You’re going to have to learn how to deposit and how to withdraw your money.  Also, there are some of the multiple payment options open to you have been identified by the experts.

They discussed which methods are better for fast deposits and withdrawals, and other methods of payment and withdrawal to be used for those who do not have a bank account which can be used for online casino play funding.

What is Neteller?

Established in 1999, Neteller is a British financial services company and is one of the world’s most successful e-wallets. Aside from an easy way to buy online and even at online casinos, there are millions of people who are using Neteller. In global online casinos, Neteller was the number one e-wallet processing company and once responsible for transaction more than 80% of online casino payments.

It is an easy procedure to register for an account with Neteller. Users will go to the Neteller website to sign up with an account that will provide their account with a specific email address, user ID and password. To apply for the account, they would have to include their personal details and even identity evidence to be checked. Users will use their debit and credit cards along with other e-wallets, such as PayPal, to fund their Neteller until the account is accepted.

Why do you choose and use Neteller? 

  • Users can deposit and withdraw at their favorite casino without giving your bank details to them.
  • You receive your funds even sooner, funds are usually received in your account within 24 hours, compared to three to five working days.
  • As using an online wallet is less problematic to a casino, they are far less prone to ask you for documentation from “Know Your Customer”, which can be a time-consuming procedure.
  • Customer service is normally quite fast, but if there are any banking problems, they can be resolved easily and seamlessly. If you deposit via Neteller, certain casinos provide special incentives that are not possible by using other methods for the deposits.

How to deposit and withdraw from Neteller? 

  • Open an account at their website if you don’t have yet one. You would need to verify the email address you used before registering with them. Then, link a payment system to use with your accounts such as a credit/debit card or savings account
  • Choose a casino that accepts Neteller as their one of the payment methods.
  • Open an account and log in to Neteller. Go to the Payments section. Then, choose how much funds you want to deposit, you can also add money to the account or you can use the debit or credit card you linked.
  • Confirm all information, including the amount you deposit, and click send. You can see that your casino account at Neteller is automatically credited and you can now start playing.
  • If you want to withdraw your funds, go to the withdrawal section and choose Neteller. The funds are then transferred to your account, and usually it takes 24 hours to reflect to your accounts or to your credit or debit cards.

Top Advantages of Using Neteller

  • Mobile Application: Neteller now offers a mobile app for clients that is available with both ios & Android platforms. This mobile application makes it easier for customers to make deposits, complete digital transfers and have a tracker on the money they spent every month on their Neteller account.
  • Billing Management: Neteller does not provide any credit or debit facility to its users until there are funds in their accounts. For online casino players, this is helpful because it allows them to keep track of how much money they deposit into their accounts as well as how much money they spend at the casino games.
  • Anonymous: Users who wish to keep their identity hidden when playing at casino sites or would not want their bank details or statements to display any purchases from online casinos. It is vital for users to remember their customer ID, as this detail is required for the transaction to be successfully processed.
  • Safety: Users can secure their personal and financial details. What they need to do is connect to their Neteller account and then it becomes a seamless process to make deposits. They only need to connect their online casino account once with their Neteller account, which may initially take a few minutes.
  • Customer Support: Neteller has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that provides its users with a lot of details that will help clarify much of their concerns and questions. There is also a customer service team to assist customers with their inquiries and complaints. Users can reach their Neteller customer support through email, phone, and chat support.

Why is it a right Choice to choose Neteller?

One of the safest payment methods on the market is Neteller. Neteller does have an in-house security system that can keep your e-wallet and money secure 24/7. The two-factor authentication adds extra protection by pairing the password with a randomly generated code that alters every thirty seconds.

Neteller does have a VIP loyalty program with several tiers and perks that you will appreciate as a loyal VIP manager, a limit increase, reduced rates, and higher cash withdrawals. They also offer users a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard that can be used worldwide to pay or withdraw money.  It also deals with an application that you can use to check your balance, as well as send and receive funds, it is also available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. They provide several options for deposits and withdrawals through Mastercard, Visa, American Express, many more. They even support Bitcoin and Skrill to send money to and from your account.

Bottom Line

If you really are looking for an easy and safe way to fund your online casino account, you will obviously be considering one of the popular e-Wallet methods.  Neteller is one of the famous ones, and is used for transactions around the world. It is an outstanding and secure method of depositing and withdrawing money and truly accepted payment methods offered by most of the online casinos. Neteller online casinos offer a wide variety of benefits.

Everything You Need to Know About Microgaming Software Provider

The gambling industry is a thriving business field that involves many actively expanding branches. We will identify the key ones and provide you with valuable information about what safety measures for each type of gambling entertainment are being introduced.

Have you ever been familiar with Microgaming Software Developer?

Established in 1994, Microgaming was the very first company to provide casino software online. It has emerged victorious in everything they’ve done from the very start and is also now regarded to be among the top software providers around nowadays. Including more than 40 poker rooms, over 600 brands utilize their software. It provides its own mobile-compatible poker games, bingo games, and even more than 300 games. The company is located and is privately owned in the Isle of Man. With its generous progressive jackpots, it has made a different page of its history on numerous occasions. As well as the best part for winners of life-changing prizes like this is that Microgaming Software Provider is able to pay them in full and instantly. Instead of dribble-pay like certain other software providers over a hilariously lengthy amount of time.

Microgaming and their Milestone Journey

The name Microgaming, no wonder, would be recognizable to anybody who regularly visits online casino sites. Founded in 1994, now reported to have launched the very first online casino worldwide. It has evolved from leaps and bounds after an introduction, and has become one of a bunch of the best software providers that include the largest share of the casino games. The usual and typical software-powered casino can give gamers the option of more than 800 games, including roulette, blackjack, slots, video poker, and baccarat games.

Microgaming has accomplished quite a lot in the past years. Started with its inclusion of the Digital Gaming Council way back 1997, it has received several prestigious awards.

For instance:

  • Digital Product 2016 at Global Gaming Awards
  • Biggest online games portfolio 2016 at the BEGEXPO Awards
  • Mobile Product of the Year 2017 at The International Gaming Awards –
  • The Spark Award 2017
  • Mobile gaming software 2017 at the EGR B”B Awards

The brand continues to be a leading company and this assertion is backed up by everything we’ve read about the Microgaming Software Developer. Let’s show you some details of how it has become one of the pioneers in delivering innovative solutions for gaming.

This became an eCOGRA founding member around 2003 and also received the Top Casino Software award from the Gambling Online Magazine. The same year, casinos that are using Microgaming software were rewarded eCOGRA seals as well as there is also a big award received in the shape of the award for Top Casino Software. For over years, it has set several world records for size with its jackpots. Yet the progressive jackpot with a total of 20 million USD in 2006 and had much more than thousands of winners. This is the first online slots tournament that was largely created by the Grand Slam of Slots during 2009. Way back to 2015, the Mega Moolah of Microgaming set a new record for simply paying a huge jackpot online slot machine. Including the Best Software Provider Award and Best Casino iGaming Software, more awards were won.

In 2010, Microgaming introduced a subsidiary enterprise that licenses white label casino platform providers and third-party developers with their best game content. The company is named Quickfire Games.

Microgaming’s Huge Portfolio of Casino Games

Microgaming will be able to offer operators a massive portfolio of casino games to choose from.

Though some software providers provide customized solutions for casino operators, Microgaming offers the same set of games. The games, however you start playing them, have the same regulations and chances. Register first before playing at a Microgaming casino, with new games being introduced monthly, you would get more than 700 games to pick from. Games can also be played and enjoyed using the instant play Flash format or by downloading from the desktop. But that last option is only for Windows.

Microgaming is best known for its huge selection of the game called slots and making up a huge percentage of the portfolio. Most believe them to be the best on the market and are also known to be among the most prolific as new games are launched monthly. In terms of table games, most popular ones are also included. In a variety of different formats, both blackjack and roulette, Sic-Bo and Pai Gow Poker are available. With an option of two different games namely baccarat gold and baccarat, gamers of baccarat can be enthralled.  Aside from baccarat gold mentioned above that offer bets on a player & banker match, there’s very little that’s different, whereas the standard variation doesn’t really make such a bet.  It is also worth noting that many casinos provide more favorable chances for baccarat games, while Casinos from Microgaming offer the usual chances seen at nearly land-based casinos.

  • Tie bet
  • bet range 10 – 500
  • 1 deck
  • Microgaming Baccarat Gold
  • Microgaming Baccarat
  • 8 decks
  • Squeeze option
  • bet range 5 – 500

Other Microgaming’s games that they offer include:

  • Video Poker
  • Spingo
  • Slots
  • Sic Bo
  • Roulette
  • Red Dog
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Cyberstud Poker
  • Bingo
  • Blackjack
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Craps
  • Double Exposure
  • Keno

Microgaming Products:

  • Poker

Around 2003, Microgaming formed Poker Network, now well-known as Microgaming Poker Network.  It stays particularly renowned, having been successful from day one. The Blazing Cannon mini-game, featuring Casino in Poker games, games are available in multiple languages, becoming one of the first to have an integrated achievement system, by being the first company to offer Anonymous Tables are among its product features and achievements.

The software provider also gave Bad Beat Jackpot a redesign, which rewards gamers with really high hands who are beaten by a somewhat good one. The tables run night and day, games are being played on a widescreen Fun View table, and several different levels of tournaments are available, including freerolls, bounty, and heads-up. It’s also a Blaze Poker pioneer, a game that is all about fast folding and high-speed hands.

The Microgaming Poker Network also has its own Poker Tour of its own.

Microgaming disclosed that it would shut the door on MPN around 2020. A specific date is still to be confirmed. Although this will mean an end of the Microgaming’s Poker Network, it would still provide customers with poker products. You can always assert your prizes, play in tournaments, and redeem your prize money before the MPN is officially closed.

  • Sportsbook

This is yet another category in which Microgaming has enjoyed a long-term relationship with gaming operators since 2006, it’s been a sportsbook provider. Not only does it focus on any major sport you, including golf, football, cricket, tennis, and darts, but it also focuses on niche sports such as beach volleyball, futsal, and floorball.

There was also an exciting deal in many languages for both in-play and pre-match betting. It makes it possible for users to play with different currencies. With additional features such as real-time scores, statistics, cash-out, and head-to-head stats, it is also synchronized with the major operating systems and devices, so that you get the full and better betting experience.

  • Live Casino

The high-definition images in the live casino of Microgaming boost the value of entertainment, and the friendly and interacting dealers make the table a fun to be at. There are also a variety of different blackjack, baccarat, and roulette variants to be played. You have the choice of using auto-bet features for multi-table games, for this will be effective on mobile and desktop.

There’s nothing preventing you from trying the live casino games right away if you have an active account at any of the trusted live casino sites.

  • Slots

This is where Microgaming came into its own, truly. The software provider has a lot of knowledge in the development of some of the industry’s most valued and played slots. The best slots are the ones that payout huge and the ones that are just incredibly witty but firstly, it is important to remember that the act of admiring particular slots should give way to the quality that exists in their entire slot library.

Microgaming Software Provider: Is it safe and secure?

Security concerns are a main priority of these fruitful software developers like Microgaming. Each product is provided by the company with advanced encryption systems that protect the personal details of each user.  The company will be able to use well-secured connection forms for its customers and all Microgaming casinos, by introducing cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, because the company cooperates closely with different regulatory authorities, most of its ventures guarantee a safe betting experience.

Microgaming is indeed a company based on the Isle of Man. Even so, the UK Gambling Commission was selected as their regulator.  Microgaming games undergo periodic testing under the license provided by this reputable regulatory body, and all new games must ensure strict controls to ensure that everything is rational.  There’s really one factor that let Microgaming fall and that’s the possibility that no payout tables are released for its games. Microgaming is a brand that is internationally recognized and has been authorized by different authorities. And you can be sure you’ll be safe wherever you might be based. However, these gamers in the US are not explicitly included in this statement. That’s because in 2008, as an outcome of the anti-internet gambling laws that were implemented in the country, Microgaming declared it will no longer accept American players.

They worked actively to develop the sector together with their founding member of eCOGRA. This included the improvement of test systems and maintaining the fairness of the games offered. When it comes to conflicts involving casinos and players, ECOGRA is also quite prominent. This has created it a recognized independent authority in the same industry. Microgaming links to a variety of different trade associations that are focusing in a constructive way on pushing the industry forward. The International Gaming Council is another important organization that allows industry members to voice concerns in the said industry.

Reputable, trustworthy, and reliable are the vast majority aspects of online casinos operated by Microgaming software. Some give fairly decent chances, but these aren’t necessarily better than the other land-based casinos out there.  The range of games offered by Microgaming is enormous and the visuals are excellent, especially in slots. Microgaming has earned the industry of online gaming a good reputation from the very start, and it looks likely to continue for several years in the future.  The reputable software provider has not even once relied on their achievements and continues to give high quality games to its players. The network is massive and that there are millions of gamers on a daily basis who are entertained.

You can Now Enjoy the Microgaming live casino

A selection of live dealer games is the newest addition to the portfolio of Microgaming. This latest addition adds more thrill, enthusiasm and good experience of a live casino at your comfort of your home. Live video streams and state-of-the-art technologies carry the table to life by allowing you not only to engage with the dealer, but also with other gamers. The variety of games is not as wide as a variety of the other software providers can have, but this format’s increasing popularity is bound to lead to more options.

Supports Mobile Gaming Platforms

Microgaming software supports 2 mobile platforms, which both offer gamers access to better games in the industry. It is possible to play at online casinos with no need to download. So, while for Android, iOS and Windows users, downloadable mobile applications are indeed available. In a variety of different languages, the Microgaming mobile platforms are available and provide not only games, but robust banking and account management options and detailed statements so that gamers can check whatever they spend and the games being played.


Before it all started, Microgaming was there and has since made a lot of good management planning, built amazing software and pushed the limits through numerous creative solutions. More than a several of the company’s titles place one of the most played slot games globally.

Microgaming helps ensure to provide plenty of options to slots, unlike most of the other software developers. They were good with live dealer games, unlike even the pioneer of the industry cannot succeed at all. They all have to choose their strategies by providing a product that Microgaming is known for delivering high-quality standards.

There are also many ways in which the provider stands out from its rivals, much as in a variety of Microgaming slots, where there are many ways to win. In any industry, it is always the case that the pioneers dominate it for a few years before losing sight of their competition because of products, or joining forces with another company to defend its market share.

The fact that it has grown in the way it produces slots in running casinos, offering table games, managing sportsbooks and live casinos, and it has not lost the quality of its offers in the process is also remarkable. It also seems to know when to keep them and when to fold them, as it showed by choosing against continuing with the Poker Network, recognizing that in today’s fast world. There could be even more improvements in the online gaming industry, but one constant that we can count on is Microgaming, that players are hoping for more.

No wonder why Microgaming software developers still remain as one of the top and best gaming software providers of all time.

A Quick Guide to “High 5 Games” Provider

Established in 1995 by Anthony Singer, a software engineer and CEO, several of IGT, WMS, Bally, and Konami’s most popular games are indeed H5G products. The largest independent casino games provider in the industry, High 5 Games creates content for the mobile, online, land-based, and even in the social markets. In all regulated markets, the NYC-based company with over 200 staff also offers land-based slots to the online and mobile markets. Players throughout 6 continents and in more than 150 countries can now enjoy their fast-expanding games portfolio.

The company runs High 5 Casino, the premier destination for the most highly anticipated slot content library in the category of the casino, with almost 17 million active players globally, and also many niche social casino applications.

The leading remote game server of the company was launched High 5 VAULT in 2014, that connects with online casinos worldwide and offers a range of the top brands for real money gaming of the company.   With its head office located in New York City, along with new offices in Gibraltar, Kansas City, New Jersey and London, reason why High 5 Games is a global digital operation. This approach gave H5G the opportunity to enter the New Jersey casino online market with game launches at Tropicana, Caesars, Golden Nugget and Virgin Casinos.

H5G then secured a Gibraltar’s Remote Gaming License, allowing them to carry out some of their 300 RGS available games in the said regulated markets in the beautiful country of Europe, knowing that the business will never rest on its past glories. Through collaborations with Gamesys Ltd. and NYX Interactive under the license from Malta, UKGC and of course Sweden, there are over half a dozen online casinos that carry their games.

LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Community stated in April 2019 that H5G will be launching 8 new releases per month. With the famous Stockholm-based online casino group, reason why this move has widened their global scope.

Land-based Slots & Games

With the help of their slot terminals, the business spread to Europe and to the rest of the free world. In several different jurisdictions, these have been confirmed and fully qualified. The majority of these games have been migrated to the online domain. The style is distinctive, although technically sophisticated: simplistic themes, five reels of three symbols and even a series of basic wins. What would surprise you are the notable features that seem to be advanced even in online games.

And it was not until 2002 that the company began to produce video slots. Their early games included ports from their high-performance land-based slots, with new consumers targeting the latest releases exclusively. However, there are still noticeable remnants of the past, typically in the form of graphics, audio effects and background images.

The biggest highlight gets in the way they work with pay lines and various configurations of reels. The games deliver even for the most experienced of online players. Possibly, this old and new blend may just be something you can’t find elsewhere. The technological side of things works very well, with the standard mobile-ready slots.

Top features that can be found in High 5 Games

High 5 Games does not have much to enhance on the company side, with their hundreds of games created, all regions were covered and most land-based industries under their command. Generally, but that kind of success does not come without experience in creating the games themselves. Talking about the protection and safety side of the casinos, it should be remembered that the company is registered and licensed in over 10 various jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Malta, and New Jersey.

For social, online, land-based casinos, the company provides a range of software solutions. For mobile play and online gaming, many of the land-based casino games are optimized. Under the Asian-focused Shake the Sky brand, social games have made big headway into the mobile gaming industry in Eastern, while Facebook’s High 5 Casino has earned more than one million likes and followers.   Before they are opened to real casinos, visitors to Shake the Sky will play new H5G games.

Golden Goddess, Cats, and Davinci Diamonds are the most popular both online and land-based games of the company. Even so, many more of their best games and new launches of their creations will seek a larger audience and greater recognition with their growing profile and global presence.

Noah’s Ark, Secrets of the Forest, and Black Widow include other title names that many would already be familiar with. Not only world-class designs, graphics, and sound effects, but creative and competitive feature mechanics are presented in each of the games. Although online players are not drawn to all bonus rounds as well as those in a casino environment, most convert quite well enough and stay entertaining and engaging.

In these games, you can probably find all the standard features, but there are a few that stand on top of the regular ones. There are unique features perfectly optimized by High 5 Games:

  • Tumbling Reels

In the High 5 Games slots, tumbling reels are used very frequently. It’s a very easy feature that gives you greater options for every given spin to win.

  • Split Symbols

This is a perfect way to introduce some unexpected spins to even the most popular reel setups.  This feature introduces the chance of more symbols that appear on a pay line.

  • Super Stacks

This adds possibilities for greater and greater wins to be earned. These symbols pile on top from each other, which means that individual symbols require less chance to be connected to each other.

  • Super Symbols

It takes control of whole reels and rows of symbol positions. This can grow so huge that the entire play area will be filled by a single one, gathering wins in all pay lines.

HTML5 Framework

All new VAULT online releases are produced and distributed on the HTML5 framework. Superior to the old-fashioned Flash Player that most of the games online were once operated by, the HTML5 framework is a platform agnostic and runs in every direction on a mobile device with smooth, quick and reliable operation. The same services often optimize its display and resolution on a high-definition widescreen desktop monitor.

One thing that you should always remember is the quality of their games. The point that between April 2018 and April 2019, they launched out Fifty new titles for Vault, is absolutely incredible. These were not all new game creations, but the conversion rate of the classics alongside new releases of games is very remarkable by industry standards.

H5G owns lucrative online marketing rights for almost 200 games that are widely known as Bally and IGT Tech titles on land. The well-recognized Golden Knight, Thundering Buffalo, Jaguar Princess, Hoot Loot, Valkyrie Queen, CHICAGO the Musical, and Gypsy are among these games.

Bottom Line

For over two decades, High 5 Games has steadily shaped the industry with the best games that until then were often launched under the name of another manufacturer. Although that’s not unprecedented, it is fascinating to see them take such a prominent role in the online casino world among others.

It seems that legal problems with IGT and others have come to an end and they are bringing their content to interesting experiences on the horizon that are still developing.

We are looking forward to future game launches and will bring you were to rightfully play games at real online casinos just for fun or for money. H5G is a legitimate pioneer in the said industry and we expect them to take their rightful place in the great rivalry in future years.