Giropay Casino: A Beginner’s Guide to Giropay as an Online Casino Payment Method

Founded in 2006, Giropay is the outcome of cooperation between more than thousands of banks in Germany, comprising more than 75 percent of the market. It can indeed be defined as a real-time online banking system and is somewhat comparable to the one of the well-known payment processes called iDEAL, which has made it popular mostly in the Netherlands.

The real advantage of this system is its functionality. It can be incorporated into online casinos or the websites of other merchants.  A reason why it seems that it has so suddenly become so popular. The only potential drawback of Giropay is that it is important to link your bank account to Giropay. In Germany, however this is not a concern anyway where almost all banks accept Giropay as part of their package. Since Giropay uses the transaction processor of banks, clients do not have to register, making it all much better for everyone. In addition, in 2008, Giropay was one of the best payment methods in the Netherlands for online services. A secure 128 bit SSL connection can now be used by consumers.

Giropay is as convenient for customers as conducting money transactions using online services from their bank. If it uses a two-factor authentication, Lock, or TAN system, the security of your money transactions with Giropay depends on the bank you use and their security protocol.

For starters, when a player uses Giropay for depositing or withdrawing cash to or from their online casino account, you don’t have to worry about your bank details because the casino holders can’t see the details of your credit card number or the Giropay account number. You may not, however, have the option to request refunds while processing funds via Giropay, which is another disadvantage. Read more to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this payment method.

About Giropay and How it Really Works?

Giropay is allowing both Austrian and German players to make quick, secure, and easy deposits into their accounts at online casinos, based on the concept of online banking. The only basic requirement is having a bank account at any of the thousands of banks from Austria or Germany that are associated with Giropay.

Among the main benefits of using Giropay as their form of deposit is that one is not expected to register for an account on the website of the payment platform to process an online payment. Users must have an account from online banking with a bank connected with the payment solution to use the Giropay service for purchasing online at their favorite online casinos.

You just need to select your bank once you’ve already had an account, and Giropay will redirect you to their online banking page. Then, your account number or PIN demands you to enter your online banking information.

For transactions above the amount of EUR 30, the Account Authentication Number or TAN must be filled in to validate the transfer of funds and check the identity of the individual conducting the transaction. Then the bank will approve the payment and the funds will be transferred in real time to the online casino. Since Giropay is designed for use by the players, the only currency supported by it is EUR.

You Can Use Giropay in the Online Services

Giropay is Germany’s most popular online payment system. Consequently, there are a lot of websites that are very easy to use digitally. In order to draw as many customers as possible, merchants from various branches should offer Giropay as one of their payment methods.

When using Giropay, what you need to do is use this payment option when you are able to pay for the products and services you are purchasing and following the directions until you are led to the official page of Giropay.

You Can Use Giropay in Online Casino

You can use Giropay very easily in all online casinos in these countries whether you reside in Germany, the Netherlands, or Austria. The process is exactly the same as that of some other merchant. You must get your Giropay account linked to your bank account and then choose it on the casino’s payment screen from the drop bar. So, it is nice to know that Giropay is one of the safer payment methods that you can use online.

You Can Fund Your Player Account by Using Giropay

Registering and checking your bank account with the online casinos are the first step you have to do when using Giropay. You should go to the ‘deposit’ section of the site and you should see the Giropay logo there immediately, or you would need to pick it from a range of choices. You have to go to the online page of your bank to check your information when you choose the amount. When funding your account, there should not be any costs associated with Giropay.

You Can Cash Out Using Giropay Account

Sad to say, it is not necessary to withdraw funds from your casino account to your Giropay. However, your bank account is directly connected to Giropay, you can conveniently withdraw funds to your bank account. Therefore, in this situation, the method of withdrawing the funds from your online casino account is exactly the same when you are depositing. Only thing is that you first need to input your bank account information and follow directions from there.

Why Giropay is Considered as the Best Online Casino Payment Method?

On the territories of Germany and Austria, Giropay also identified significant use in the online casino industry as being one of the easiest and reliable methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

In order to strengthen its exposure to other countries, efforts are being made to increase more traffic further. Nonetheless, along with the new customer base, an enormous group of players who have bank accounts from any of the 1,500 banking institutions are eligible for the service.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings at Casino using with Giropay

  • Deposit at Online Casinos using Giropay

It is very simple and easy to process a deposit through Giropay to your online casino account. You just need to sign into your online casino account with your log-in credentials to boost your gaming balance.

You must then enter the amount you want to deposit and choose Giropay as your preferred method of deposit. You will indeed be diverted to your banking institution’s website. You will be asked to include your TAN code to validate the transaction if you wish to make a deposit over 30 EUR.

As all transfers are taken out directly from the bank account, the money is automatically transferred, enabling players to immediately start wagering with real money. Up to EUR 5000 transactions are assured, which is excellent news for high-rollers.

  • You Can Withdraw Your Winnings using Giropay

Things may look more difficult when it comes to conducting withdrawals since Giropay does not have a withdrawal service option. Initiating a withdrawal through a bank transfer is the most convenient choice. This ensures that when demanding a withdrawal of their winnings, players who have chosen to deposit with Giropay, must have to input their banking details.

Fees at Giropay

Online gaming companies do not impose commissions on deposits made by Giropay. Players should however, bear in mind that their financial institutions may charge them a fee for transactions facilitated through this payment service. The fees can vary from the banking institution to another institution, so gamers have to consult with their bank and ask their representatives for more information about transaction fees. Generally speaking, depending on the amount deposited by players, as costs will vary ranging from 0.9 percent and 1.2 percent of the amount transferred, in response to a flat charge of EUR 0.08 every transaction.

Giropay: Is it Secure and Safe to Use?

Players who are based in these countries where Giropay is accessible, most of them are choosing it as their best payment method because it is known as very secure. First of all, if you are one of the avid fans of gambing at casinos, you know that using Giropay is safe and are not required to put their banking and personal details to the owner or, in this particular instance, to the online casino at which they play and when they transfer funds with Giropay.

Only them have access to their information, like their TAN and PIN codes, since Giropay is based on the strong principle in online banking. They protect its clients as well as their transactions from scammers, because Giropay uses the latest SSL encryption. 

Pros and Cons of Using Giropay at Online Casinos

Referring to an online casino account, Giropay has some very favorable features. First, it is a truly secure and safe method of payment, more so than when you just use your bank account. In addition, it enables you to immediately process transactions, without waiting for more hours or several days to deposit cash.

You really don’t need to create a Giropay account since it is very easy to use. Everything that you need is your bank account. In addition, your sensitive data is protected by Giropay, which is very important to several online players. If you are using Giropay as your choice of payment method, the casino fees will not appear on the balance of your bank account, and there is no indication that you are using online casino services or even other merchants.

Eventually, using Giropay to transfer funds means that you are obliged to pay fees each time you make transactions. Even if no fees are needed to be paid at the casino, Giropay still does. These costs are not very heavy, though, so you can still choose Giropay as your best choice for payment.

  • Pros

Giropay is approved as a payment method at any other online casinos that happily welcome players from these countries namely Austria and Germany.  The fact that transfers are being processed in real time and that is one of the greatest bonuses that Giropay has to bring, so that the funds are credited to the casino accounts of players in a couple of seconds.

Along with using the application, players do not have to register for a Giropay account. Having a bank account online for their banking institution is the only requirement. Since players only share their financial details with their banks, they are able to preserve confidentiality and feel confident in the fact that their sensitive data is not revealed to third parties.

  • Cons

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration by players who are considering Giropay as their favorite payment option at online casinos. Perhaps the most vital part is that only players who have a savings or a bank account at any of the banks partnered with Giropay have access to this online payment solution. Giropay, in other words, can primarily be used for players who are living permanently in Austria and Germany.

Another downside to using Giropay comes from the fact that only one currency is supported by the payment solution, that is EUR. Moreover, only transactions can be taken out through this payment process, meaning players would have to look for another way to cash out their prize money. Deposits cannot be revoked until converted.

Why is Giropay the best among the Other Casino Payment Methods?

You have two things to consider if you are an enthusiastic gambler who is trying to make the transition from betting at a land-based casino to online casinos, looking for the best online casino to enjoy playing and payment options for online casinos to transfer your cash.

For all different types of casino players, being able to deposit easily and securely at an online casino is among the most important features. The casinos offer a variety of different payment options, some only deposit while others allow you to withdraw your winnings straight to your transaction method. A lot of options available can also be more confusing, it is important to review first what are the best casino payment methods to help you choose the right method for you and, of course, you must search for the best online casinos for you which accept Giropay as your deposit method.

There are many other methods of depositing, all of them are securing in their own way, some not quite as fast and cheap.  Some of them are using PayPal, others are using their credit cards.  In Giropay, transactions are easy for any casino gambling player, even though there are various available options out there. When you make withdrawals with Giropay, some casinos are faster than others, so it may be better for the fastest withdrawal casinos to get your big win faster.

Based on the country you live, the amount of deposit options available for you will vary. Even now, through PayPal and UK Casino deposit methods are used by many, while US casino deposit methods are much lesser, but there are also many online casinos that support credit cards and payment options that are now also available.

Online Casino: Important Things to Remember When Choosing a Payment Solution

There are vivid emotions, excitement, and a lot of amazing opportunities to change your life forever in the world of casino gaming. Have you learned from the free gaming experience and are ready to play for real money? So then, you have done the right thing, nothing can ever be opposed to the feelings you will have because when you play for real money.   Test the online casino payment options before plunging into the entertainment business. Pick the one that you consider the most beneficial! Each online casino player knows that a section on payment methods is one of the most important features to review before entering a casino online. The reason is that the requirements vary from casino to casino for getting deposits/withdrawing money.

It is most essential that you choose a method of payment that is recognized, ensure security and right for you. This implies that a higher authority approves the method, that the technique has stood the test of time and that you make it more convenient and easier to use. On this page, the approaches listed below which payment method suits your needs for gaming and lifestyle?

  • Ensures Security and Safe Process

All the payment methods we suggest make it their top priority. In order to make it so, all use distinct techniques. From Giropay’s PIN and TAN codes to the protect and prevent from fraudsters, you need this method of payment that protects and manages your privacy by using payment methods online. To stop poor service and even fraud or burglary, always use known and recommended payment options, which is Giropay.

  • Payment Method should be faster

The fastest payment process is typically Giropay, a payment system that is being used by many users. They are designed online for instant use and are also completely equipped for easy payment methods. However, debit and credit cards can indeed offer e-wallets a run for their funds, but that relies on the service provider.

  • Should I give up Giropay over debit or credit?

It goes back to personal preferences. Few individuals tend not to disclose their personal banking information over the internet, and a perfect option is a trustworthy payment solution such as Giropay.   Others however, like to stick to what they understand and trust, because they choose to stick to their debit cards.

  • Must I really need to have a credit card?

To make charges or receive deposits at the casino, you don’t have to own a credit card. Widely accepted and secure options are all readily available, such as Giropay.

  • Online Casinos’ Customer Service

Before you go to an online casino, you need to do research more about that particular casino and if they have a great customer service that will help you with your concerns. Within the many distinct types of gaming software providers, like Real Time Gaming (RTG) or a well-known provider called Microgaming, customer service is also available to assist you from any questions you might have. Multi-lingual agents are ready to assist you and provide phone, live chat and email support as well.

  • How is prize money paid?

Winnings are paid back in the payment method that you are using to deposit your money. You may only receive the same amount that you deposited if you used a credit card, so you would then be required to use a different form of payment. In general, the most common choices are using Giropay to receive prize money.

Bottom Line

As we can see, depending on the country, online casino payment methods can vary widely, particularly for non-English-speaking industries that favor payment processes in various languages.

The differences might well vary even more especially when marketing said sportsbooks and online casinos in certain industries where cultural and linguistic contexts require more expertise. For the gambling industry, payment methods are an essential part and they should pay closer attention to them.

It’s because the quality and relevance of the content of your site plays a vital role in helping users decide which online casino or sports betting, they should consider playing with. Even when it comes with something as specific as an online payment system, the details still matter.

Based on online banking, Giropay is indeed an accurate payments system and is widely used by gamblers from Austria and Germany. The procedure allows users to transfer money quickly, easily and above all, securely, and is accepted at most established online casinos that accept players from Germany and Austria. Gambling fanatics who choose to use Giropay as their deposit method are immediately able to participate in their favorite casino games with real-money bets as they process their transactions in a couple of seconds.

It’s really important as a player to know that you get the support and integrity that you deserve. Even so, you sign up for an online casino and expect to make some fairly massive deposits, but you would need to ensure that your money is being checked after and that all deposits and withdrawals can be done smoothly and ideally immediately! There’s so many different payment, deposit and withdrawal options out there, and power is always in your control when it comes to choosing what you want to use.  If you don’t like paying a charge, or whether you want to avoid any possible fees, it’s not easy to pick the right payment method, but it’s possible.