Neteller: Why Most of the Online Casino Players Chose Neteller as their Payment Method?

Traditional companies have also been pushing online with the growth of the internet and smartphones. Instead of going to the bank to transfer funds, people now do the transactions from their mobile phones. They can now play at the online casino from the comfort of their own home. Because of the higher discretion and lower costs compared to traditional land-based casinos, they have a massive impact in the online world. But they have more than one payment method, especially in the digital era, for them to retain customers. This determines the number of gamers they attract, as they choose to select the casinos that allow their desired payment methods.  When selecting an online casino, it is very important to be cautious because there is a lot of fraud around nowadays.  The payment methods are a clear measure of the reliability of a casino.

Those casinos that use Neteller is typically a good indication, because the fact is that it’s not that hard to discover a casino that fits for this payment system. Neteller is known to break ties with scam-related accounts, so players should be assured that the casino is very well-respected.

There are many forms of payment that online casinos can accept, but not all of them enable you to withdraw. You’re going to have to learn how to deposit and how to withdraw your money.  Also, there are some of the multiple payment options open to you have been identified by the experts.

They discussed which methods are better for fast deposits and withdrawals, and other methods of payment and withdrawal to be used for those who do not have a bank account which can be used for online casino play funding.

What is Neteller?

Established in 1999, Neteller is a British financial services company and is one of the world’s most successful e-wallets. Aside from an easy way to buy online and even at online casinos, there are millions of people who are using Neteller. In global online casinos, Neteller was the number one e-wallet processing company and once responsible for transaction more than 80% of online casino payments.

It is an easy procedure to register for an account with Neteller. Users will go to the Neteller website to sign up with an account that will provide their account with a specific email address, user ID and password. To apply for the account, they would have to include their personal details and even identity evidence to be checked. Users will use their debit and credit cards along with other e-wallets, such as PayPal, to fund their Neteller until the account is accepted.

Why do you choose and use Neteller? 

  • Users can deposit and withdraw at their favorite casino without giving your bank details to them.
  • You receive your funds even sooner, funds are usually received in your account within 24 hours, compared to three to five working days.
  • As using an online wallet is less problematic to a casino, they are far less prone to ask you for documentation from “Know Your Customer”, which can be a time-consuming procedure.
  • Customer service is normally quite fast, but if there are any banking problems, they can be resolved easily and seamlessly. If you deposit via Neteller, certain casinos provide special incentives that are not possible by using other methods for the deposits.

How to deposit and withdraw from Neteller? 

  • Open an account at their website if you don’t have yet one. You would need to verify the email address you used before registering with them. Then, link a payment system to use with your accounts such as a credit/debit card or savings account
  • Choose a casino that accepts Neteller as their one of the payment methods.
  • Open an account and log in to Neteller. Go to the Payments section. Then, choose how much funds you want to deposit, you can also add money to the account or you can use the debit or credit card you linked.
  • Confirm all information, including the amount you deposit, and click send. You can see that your casino account at Neteller is automatically credited and you can now start playing.
  • If you want to withdraw your funds, go to the withdrawal section and choose Neteller. The funds are then transferred to your account, and usually it takes 24 hours to reflect to your accounts or to your credit or debit cards.

Top Advantages of Using Neteller

  • Mobile Application: Neteller now offers a mobile app for clients that is available with both ios & Android platforms. This mobile application makes it easier for customers to make deposits, complete digital transfers and have a tracker on the money they spent every month on their Neteller account.
  • Billing Management: Neteller does not provide any credit or debit facility to its users until there are funds in their accounts. For online casino players, this is helpful because it allows them to keep track of how much money they deposit into their accounts as well as how much money they spend at the casino games.
  • Anonymous: Users who wish to keep their identity hidden when playing at casino sites or would not want their bank details or statements to display any purchases from online casinos. It is vital for users to remember their customer ID, as this detail is required for the transaction to be successfully processed.
  • Safety: Users can secure their personal and financial details. What they need to do is connect to their Neteller account and then it becomes a seamless process to make deposits. They only need to connect their online casino account once with their Neteller account, which may initially take a few minutes.
  • Customer Support: Neteller has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that provides its users with a lot of details that will help clarify much of their concerns and questions. There is also a customer service team to assist customers with their inquiries and complaints. Users can reach their Neteller customer support through email, phone, and chat support.

Why is it a right Choice to choose Neteller?

One of the safest payment methods on the market is Neteller. Neteller does have an in-house security system that can keep your e-wallet and money secure 24/7. The two-factor authentication adds extra protection by pairing the password with a randomly generated code that alters every thirty seconds.

Neteller does have a VIP loyalty program with several tiers and perks that you will appreciate as a loyal VIP manager, a limit increase, reduced rates, and higher cash withdrawals. They also offer users a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard that can be used worldwide to pay or withdraw money.  It also deals with an application that you can use to check your balance, as well as send and receive funds, it is also available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. They provide several options for deposits and withdrawals through Mastercard, Visa, American Express, many more. They even support Bitcoin and Skrill to send money to and from your account.

Bottom Line

If you really are looking for an easy and safe way to fund your online casino account, you will obviously be considering one of the popular e-Wallet methods.  Neteller is one of the famous ones, and is used for transactions around the world. It is an outstanding and secure method of depositing and withdrawing money and truly accepted payment methods offered by most of the online casinos. Neteller online casinos offer a wide variety of benefits.