Boku: Easy Mobile Payment Method for Online Casinos

Boku is a company that offers a mobile payment platform.  This platform uses a feature called carrier billing which makes it easier for every user to use their cellphone number to pay for different products and services they purchased. It has become easy to make online transactions as it has allowed individuals without using their credit cards and bank accounts to be charged for their transactions through the bill of their mobile network provider.

While often used for virtual purchases, this payment tool can also be used to buy both digital goods and physical goods online. Over the years, the company has expanded worldwide and has also made collaborations with multiple game developers and streaming platforms. Few notable and leading digital marketplaces still use the platform. Any leading payment service providers have opted to provide Boku to their customers as an alternate payment option because of their popularity over the years.

In many situations, the success of the company has been recognized since it was launched. Mobile Trax awarded Boku the Mobility Award way back 2011, The company obtained the ‘Best Alternative Payments’ award way back 2014.  In 2011 and 2013, Boku was also impressively chosen twice by Forbes for its 25 most successful companies in America.

Using Boku as your Mobile Payment Method

Boku is indeed a pay by an easy mobile phone payment method that allows you to deposit funds into your account from online casinos through your smartphone. It works on mobile phones and tablets and all you need is your phone number. No bank account details are needed. You must allow Carrier Billing services and Premium for this Boku to work.

It doesn’t matter how much funds you are going to deposit, since even Boku works great for most of the casinos with low betting requirements. Every amount you put into Boku is connected to your phone bill instantly. Likewise, you can choose to reimburse the money from your credit. The transaction will be denied if you don’t have any credit left.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Boku as your Mobile Payment Method


  • Safe – It is a much safer payment option than any others, so you don’t need to expose your bank information to the casino.
  • Availability – it is now readily accessible at most of the UK casinos.
  • More Convenient – Users don’t even need to sign up for Boku. Your mobile number is all you’ll need.


  • Regular deposits are limited
  • Limited withdrawals

Deposit Funds to Online Casinos using Boku

It is no surprise that a growing number of casual casino players have selected Boku to make their deposits. Making a deposit is just an easy way to do via this mobile billing platform and it helps you to close the payment in much less than 10 seconds. This is a step-by-step guidance to how the actual method of depositing really works.

If you are making a deposit now, go to the cashier page and choose the ‘Pay by mobile’ method from the list of deposit options available.   You will be moved to the website of Boku, where you must submit your mobile number and validate the amount that you want to deposit. A text message will be sent to you, to which you have to respond with ‘Y’ (Yes) to validate the payment.

For security purposes, the text message will be sent to you and will cost you for free. Boku will give you a receipt after the deposit settles, which should take no longer than a minute, and you can begin playing instantly. At the end of the payment period, the balance deposited will be credited to your mobile phone bill.

If your deposit fails to proceed, you can contact their customer support using the number being shown at the end of the verification text message. In particular, the status of the Boku transaction is also confirmed with text messages, informing them whether or not successful.

Boku deposits are typically unsuccessful when a player has drained the credit limit. You can follow the steps we mentioned above to start the deposit again. They can also track on the deposits they have made with Boku, where they can review the status and the history of all the transaction history they have made.

Withdraw Funds or Winnings from Online Casinos using Boku 

Boku falls short and this has to do with withdrawals. The payment method is meant for only one way of making payments, which is to be anticipated because this is the only way to receive your winnings from online casinos.

It can also be used for depositing at online casinos but is unavailable for withdrawals as a mobile billing service. In fact, the same is relevant for all other deposit methods of this type, including Payforit, which is also accessible to UK players.

You’d have to request a bank transfer to redeem your casino winnings or have the casino give you a check. Likewise, you should use another payment provider to withdraw your funds from the casino among the most popular options. If you really are doubtful about which suitable method of withdrawal is advised to your requirements, you can quickly contact the help staff of your casino to inquire for help.

Boku Fees and its Limits

Among good sized casino players, Boku has gained popularity because it helps them to make small deposits at no extra expense. It is a service that is really budget friendly. It basically does not have fees or secret charges. There’s also a free confirmation text message. There is no need for Boku to charge players for carrying out their transactions. If a particular player deposits 30 EUR with Boku, that amount will be added exactly to their balance.

Boku limits you, though free, to the amount that you will currently spend on a regular basis. Every mobile number, the daily limit is set at 30 EUR.  It would recognize the mobile number even when making payments to various casinos or stores and prevent more transactions if the regular deposits of the player reach 30 EUR.

For casino players who are into wagering higher amounts of money each day, it is ineffective for them to use Boku as a mobile payment method.