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Cash Noire Free Play: Everything You Need to Know About Cash Noire

With more than 1,000 paylines and a betting range from .20 coins to 200 coins, Cash Noire is an online slot that has just been established by NetEnt. Free spins, mystery symbols, multipliers and cascading symbols are few of the bonus features they have to offer its players. This low volatility slot has a peak price of 5000 times and its RTP is 96.06 percent.

It is an online slot operated by NetEnt that offers a format of where there are 1,024 Ways to Win, and a huge betting range from .20 coins to 200 coins per spin. This seedy and surreal slot comes with a wide variety of enticing bonus features such as increasing multipliers, free spins, and even cascading wins.  If you want to play this game for free, then you can definitely play Cash Noire.

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Be prepared for a deep dive into a dark world of unsolved crimes, fatal woman, and Tom Flint – the tough detective, whose job is all about thinking logically of everything. When it comes to creating mystery and mood, NetEnt is a master, and the rugged voiceover that retells you through in this whodunnit slot seems just like the voice from a black and white noir film classic in the 1940s.

Cash Noire will draw out the detective in you, and after playing this game, you will certainly want to solve some of the old crime and mystery DVDs. With an enigmatic dame smoking on the right-hand side in the shadows, the reels feature with a Crime Zone that with each spin keeps changing position. This hotspot begins to cover 3-reel positions, but as you raise the Clue Bonus meter you can see on the left side of the reels that there will be one or two spots will extend.

Reaching all the way up to the top is what you’re aiming for, as this will activate the bonus round of the City Map Chase. It’s far from a simple task, and after reaching 200 spins over the typical 200 spin test run, they essentially had to give up. You must read and take a deep closer in this article, and be mindful that the low to medium volatility seems a little misleading for this slot game. It played out like more of a high volatility game, albeit your stake is exceptionally rare here for larger wins over 500 times. Even more than the game itself, it really is just a mystery to everyone why NetEnt would screw everything up like this with what should have been a perfect complement to the genre.

Cash Noire Bonus Features

Almost in every base game spin, there’s plenty more going on here, and so you’ll have a good space while waiting to activate the extensive bonus round. First, we’ll begin with one of the most basic bonus features, and move down below for more information.

Firstly, just like so many other developers that first developed this feature, this is indeed a Cascading engine game. Almost every spin will have a lot of cascading wins, and winning symbols are hit by flying daggers and about to remove it. This gives a room to drop new potential winning symbols from above, and as long as it keeps winning, the process is still going on.

You can see a red marker on each spin that frames Three random reel positions. This one is called the feature of the Crime Zone, and the red frame moves around the reels on every spin, and it can transform into various configurations. You’ll notice a Clue List bonus meter on the left-hand side of the reels, and you can also boost the Crime Zone with up to two-reel positions as you work your way up this meter. By landing winning symbols from inside the Crime Zone, you will advance up the bonus meter, and heading all the way to the top activates the bonus round.

Usually, you land a bank symbol on the reels, and whenever it lands outside the Crime Zone, this will turn random regular symbols into matching symbols. However, if the mystery vault appears inside the Crime Zone, it will duplicate itself to take the frame of the entire Crime Zone. When it refers to filling the Clue List meter, it can lead to good payouts, as well as be of huge advantage. On every non-winning spin, the Clue List meter will reset.

Cash Noire Free Spins

As stated above, to activate the free spins feature, you have to climb to the top of the Clue Meter.  This implies that by landing 13 winning symbols within the Crime Zone, you need to trigger at least thirteen clues. The Crime Zone will increase to Four and Five reel positions to make it a little easier for you, after 3 and 7 clues have been identified on the meter, accordingly.

To begin with, you’ll get 5 free spins when all of the 13 clues in the meter are lit up. During the free spins, the expanded Five-reel positions Crime Zone will always move around spontaneously, and so now you will see a City Chase Map with a progressive multiplier starting at 1x. Any winning symbols in the Crime Zone, similar to the base game, will lead you even farther down the city map. The dissimilarity is that this meter doesn’t really reset losing spins.

The progressive multiplier will increase by plus 1 for every Seven positions on the map you manage to identify. Any time the car hits 13 locations, you will also get another Two additional spins. By hitting the final destination on the map, you will close the case, and this benefits you with a 10 times multiplier and Three additional free spins.

Best Cash Noire Experience with 200 Spins

People are huge fans of the film noir genre, where you could have seen much of the 1940s and 50s classics movies such as The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, and Shadow of a Doubt, to mention a few of the most famous ones. Players therefore had their hopes up higher when NetEnt unveiled a brand new game with the title Cash Noire. With their 200 spins test run on this game.

In the auto play feature, players would set the bet level to £ 1 for every spin, and filled in about 250 auto spins. The quick spin feature was changed on, but you still have to tap the screen to simplify all the animations. It is an issue over here because you seem to get a ton of cascading wins, but in terms of winnings, they typically don’t add too much.

This becomes rather tiring after a little while, as you only want the spin to continue so that the bonus round can be triggered. In that way, they have had a lot of close calls, and it’s very hard to get even to the top of the Clue Meter, just to start again. The biggest base game win was about 10 times the stake, that is not very exciting, and it seemed all but unlikely to activate the bonus round.

This is meant to be a low to medium slot, but after you lost £ 70 during 200 spins, but had yet to see all the bonus rounds a single time. They had no choice but to push some “extra pay” spins, just to see if it was possible to activate the bonus round there either. They gave up after about 200 extra spins. The biggest mystery to everyone is how this low to medium volatility can be called, as where 400 spins will activate the bonus round on most other games at least 2 times.

Cash Noire Best Themes and Graphics

NetEnt really caught the existence of the film-noire genre in Cash Noire. The game will take place in the office of the detective, with a crime board next to the reels displaying how close and far you are to reaching the bonus features of the game. On the right side of the screen, the fatal woman lies, smoking cigarettes, while in the background, an eerie soundtrack plays.

That would be a very good idea for a game with online slots. NetEnt has succeeded with great features that really match well with the black theme in an imaginative and interactive environment for players. Actually, if you look carefully, the main characters truly look like Blade Runner’s Deckard and Rachael, so, it’s a fun new tribute.

Cash Noire Slot Return to Player (RTP) and Volatility

For a modern video slot game, the Cash Noire Slot Return to Player (RTP) sits at 96.06 percent, which would be the average. Meanwhile, its volatility remains squarely at the low end. Therefore, you will have winning coming gradually at you fairly frequently.

Play Real Money Online at Cash Noire Slot

Without any need to consider yourself playing Cash Noire in a town as crime-ridden as the fictional San Cayetanos. Merely swing through either of the online casinos at the Cash Noire slot and find out what the game’s delights do.

Free Play at Cash Noire Slot

Before playing for real money, you need first to explore all the features.  You will truly enjoy the demo mode otherwise. A “Cash Noire slot game” free session at the listed casinos will help you become acquainted with all the features it has to give you.

How to play Cash Noire Slot?

The gameplay is not really as difficult as it could seem, despite being a murder mystery slot. Here’s the guide where you need to know more, and newbies should definitely pay more attention in general.

Netent’s Cash Noire comes with Five-reels, Four-rows and more than 1,00 ways to win, which is a pretty classic video slot setup. The voice-over narrator is one of the things that standout the most. There are some good articles in this raspy male voice, and it helps to set the dark and gloomy tone for the game. However, you don’t need that voice to play, and if you like, you can turn it off in the settings. For the voice there, you can also use the subtitles or not, as well as turn on short spins to increase the speed.

It brings a new menu, as well as the pay table and game rules. The pay table outlines all the features, and it might be helpful to check out the visual illustrations therein.

Conversing of, it is still time to pick between 20p and £ 200 for your total stake, and this is achieved with the up and down arrows. Inside the game, the volume can be changed seamlessly, which finds a good thing, and you can also set up the auto play feature with between 10 to 1,000 auto spins. Now you’re ready to solve the mystery of murder and close the case with a major stunning win.

Bottom Line!!!

Cash Noire is indeed a fantastic NetEnt slot that provides players with more limited budgets with enjoyable low volatility gameplay. With reasonably regular wins and cascading reels, the game always makes you entertained. The mystery symbols in the gameplay don’t really make a huge difference, but it’s a classy bonus.

The Crime Zones truly add something fresh and exciting to Cash Noire’s gameplay and put a modern spin on the idea of the bonus meter. When you end up in the free spin round, it was even better, and the map of City Chase becomes more active.

Although the sort of big wins you would expect in a high volatility game might not be rewarded by this game, the consistency of the payouts and the continuous play are a great trade-off. As NetEnt shows that it really knows how to keep players interested, Cash Noire delivers an extremely thrilling gameplay experience.

In this game, the realistic atmosphere and the graphics are outstanding. Nevertheless, you could find yourself enjoying this game and be amazed by the voiceover who narrates every scenario, which also helps the game be more interesting.