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Aliens Slot Game: Play Net Entertainment’s Best Slot Game Online

Aliens was a hit film directed by James Cameron and featuring Sigourney Weaver that was released way back 1986, and now they have introduced a horrific but innovative slot to your screen with the Aliens slot machine, established by the Net Entertainment which is also working with 20th Century Fox.

NetEnt is known for their amazing authorized slot machines, Aliens is definitely among the best they have launched. It showcases high – quality graphics which start with a spectacular animated scene of a spaceship that landed at LV-426. This is Ellen Ripley joined by a team of Weyland-Yutani Corporation Marines to investigate her allegations of aliens murdering the crew of the ship and pushing her on a previous trip to the colony to destroy it, and that they are aiming for revenge to take on the dozens of aliens who embrace them.

This new slot machine game allows you to really get to know more about aliens. Owing to Net Entertainment Slot, which has five reels and 15 pay lines, this is a wonderful experience for all players. You will have something to keep you occupied and enthralled, along with the aliens. With this impressive 3D graphics, you will have Wilds to be your assistants for your wins in this game. Because of the graphics, aliens clearly come out as living creatures of a bizarre place, scary and terrifying, so you have to defeat them. You’re going to have to fight these aliens and make them withdraw. The graphics are satisfying and will dive you into experiences that make you feel like a hero. The environment will allow you to experience the pressure of feeling that aliens are maybe around, in the dark surface of the game. It will be merged by the background of music that will contribute to the factuality of the setting, too.

The symbols will vary from the Unhatched Egg happens to be the lowest paying symbol, to other alien egg symbols, including monsters, with the fully developed Monster happens also to be the highest paying symbols. In this game, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo will be The Wild – which it will be discussed more below.

  • Gameplay

Frighteningly Realistic Symbols

The symbols used in Aliens are definitely not nervous as they have been planned in full detail and seem very convincing, which undoubtedly contributes to the unsettling experience as you just anticipate them to burst from the screen. It’s all 3D animations, however, and it’s only the scariest aliens that offer the greatest payout.

This exciting experience Aliens offers is managed to bring to life with the 10 Alien symbols that vary in size from an Alien egg that happens to be the smallest and lowest valued symbol, then next is the biggest Alien that happens to be the highest valued paying 1000 coins for 5 on a pay line – strong comparison to the Thirty coins that the Alien egg carries on a 5 pay line.

More below on this.

  • Level One – The Search

You are hunting for Alien activity at the first level of Aliens, with the objective being to obtain symbols and filling the activity meter with the highest possible multipliers. After completing the 9 required steps, you have the activity meter loaded with multipliers set up for spectacular winning prizes in the second level.

  • Level 2 – The Encounter

The Encounter level lets you battle through dozens of Alien attacks with the main objective of reaching level three, moving very nicely on your first spin with a decisive win. In this point, the multipliers collected in the first level are used as symbols, and there will be an ammo clip reel containing ammo symbols and it will raise the ammo clip counter when you land one on the central position of a reel and result in you experiencing re-spins as the Aliens are killed.

  • Level 3 – The Hive

The Hive is Aliens’ third and the final level. This gives you 5 re-spins and gives you the chance to kill the Queen Hive with just one grenade – a task that will reward you for your victorious efforts with a maximum of 570,000 coins!

  • Basic Things to Remember When Playing this Game Called Aliens Slot

How to Play?

Aliens appears to be a standard slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 pay lines at first, but it is more than just that.

First-person animations will demonstrate progress in moving through the levels that has been mentioned above by battling aliens and moving your way up to the hive as where the players work through the game. Destroy the Hive, achieve the highest level, and destroy the Queen to activate the massive jackpot of the game.

Gamification is sometimes seen as the next creation in slot games, and with Aliens, Net Entertainment proves that they’re now the masters of this thriving art form. The Encounter level tends to play more like a computer game than a slot; where through the spins, ammo is acquired, which is then used to destroy aliens in the first-person shooter style animations.

How to Win on this game?

These three levels in Aliens work on their own as features, but there are bonuses for base games to be sought. In level one, the wild symbol which is the Weyland-Yutani Corp symbol, occurs on reels 2-5 and can substitute any base game symbol to help win combinations.

The multiplier in the Alien Activity Meter will be increased by one for each winning combination. The most competitive wins appear to come at the second level, where multipliers of up to 6 times will greatly increase win amounts from these 3 symbols combinations.

At level three, this is the time where you can enjoy the biggest wins in the Alien slot machine game.  Destroy the Queen and the Hive for an enormous 240 times stake; the player gains even more if the Queen is defeated with a single grenade. In this medium variance slot, the biggest win is a whopping 3,817 times stake.

Aliens Slot’s Winnings Versus the Other Slot Games

The payout of Aliens is big compared with the rest of slots that you can find out there. A jackpot of 570,000 coins is still reasonably high provided by Net Ent’s standards, though with iconic Net Ent slots like Starburst and the Gonzo’s Quest are not blowing past 100,000 jackpot coins. In contrast with progressive jackpots such as Mega Fortune, it pales, but that was to be expected.

It is unusual to hit the jackpot, since it is essential to obtain level three and then finish it, all of which are difficult to do. It is possible, indeed, and very profitable.

III. Other Important Features that Aliens Slot has to Offer

Return to Player percentage and Volatility

Based on an average of millions of simulated spins, the Return to Player percentage (RTP) of a slot game, which is displayed as a percentage, is the probability of a slot game to pay out. In terms of Return to Player percentage (RTP), the typical slot is somewhere between 90 percent and 95 percent.

For slots, Net Entertainment seldom drops under 95 percent, but even by the normal norms of the developer, at 97.5 percent, Aliens is one of the highest RTP in Net Entertainment slot games. A slot RTP is not a guarantee of winning 97.5 cents for every 1 USD, but in fact, Aliens has the opportunity to be marginally more generous than other slot games.

Volatility extends to the frequency of a slot paying out, and the sums it appears to pay out. No level of volatility is intrinsically better, but there are various games that are more suited for different players.

For example, a low volatility slot would benefit a lower-budget to players as rewards are more common, but appear to be smaller. High volatility slots are more appealing to high rollers, giving rare, but sometimes much greater rewards that might be worth waiting for, only if you can afford to wait.

Aliens fall in the middle of somewhere, as medium volatility slots. This implies that this slot frequently pays out well, and wins can vary from small amounts to greater jackpots. The risk / reward levels are both medium-level.

Mobile Game Version

The game can be played either on a laptop or on a smartphone. Both of the leading platforms, iOS and Android, support a mobile version of the Alien online video slot. It can be taken online in the instant play mode through the web browser of the device. Reap the benefits of Adobe Flash Player first in order to start the game.

There are no other fees for playing, it’s all absolutely free, and you don’t have to download the game or sign up anywhere.

Free Play

Aliens is indeed a game that it just doesn’t take too long to get the grasp of, as stated above. With that said, it’s a very distinct sort slot game, moving more than the usual slot towards a video game.

Therefore, it is fair to get a shot without any risk to try the slot out first, and this is where free play slots become more beneficial.

To play a slot for free gives its players the ability to practice the mechanics and gameplay without investing their real money. Winnings here just don’t pay anything out anyway, but when it comes to real money gambling, there will be a perfect time for that.

You Can Play this Slot Game on Another Day

If you wouldn’t consider the great wins at first, just continue trying as they are undoubtedly possible in Aliens. Instead of the regular Twenty pay lines, it is a slot machine with five reels and Fifteen pay lines, but the betting choices are good as they allow you to play from just 15p to £ 150 for every spin, tailoring any bankroll limits for slot players.

The three levels carry the movie’s action to the reels and give you something to aim for instead of just spinning all over again, but some of the players may feel a little intimidated by the difficulty of it as they are not used to slot machines at such levels.

Sincerely, aliens are incredible. Not only is this one of the NetEnt’s most visually spectacular slot machines, the three levels give something to aspire for and an extra feeling of mastery while you’re doing it, along with huge payouts that you can really enjoy by beating the fearful Aliens all along the way.


Collaboration between popular Net Entertainment and 20th Century Fox allowed the authorized free online Aliens slot machine to be launched by Swedish developers. This awesome game is based on Ridley Scott’s 1986 film and reflects the plot line, indicating that the main goal of the player is to kill the alien space hive by destroying the Xeno Queen.

With increased 3D graphics and a great gameplay experience to offer, this is one of the factors why thousands of players come back and forth to play this slot game. The special part of the game is that it blends a classic slot design with great animations and comes with three distinct levels that must be passed in order to achieve the main objective. This great combination of a video game setup and an online video slot from Aliens Slot gives a perfect gaming experience to its players.

Other than that, when you are 50 percent up on your starting budget, you really got lucky with the Aliens mobile slot and just drove away.  It was tempting to carry on, but they knew that they were fortunate enough, and it was a perfect time to stop. There are times that you should know when and not to play.

You should have great fun with this Aliens slot by Net Entertainment as long as you keep in your mind about how much you want to achieve for winnings and enjoy what’s simply a visually quite stunning free spins feature, they have to offer. Just budget for all those free spins wisely.